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Something amazing has happened: After much searching and shopping and futility, I finally found…The perfect trench coat! This is it, it’s The One. If my life were The Matrix (and who’s to say it isn’t?), this trench coat would be Neo. Or, rather, the trench coat Neo wears in The Matrix, which would mean it’s all ones and zeroes and not actually a trench coat at all, which brings us full circle in kind of a disappointing way.


Anyway, I’m thrilled. Thrilled, I tell you. And what’s even better is, my mother in law is going to work her seamstress magic and poof! Make the sleeves longer because one truism that will always be true no matter what happens is this: When you’re tall, sleeves are almost never long enough.

Until I can show you a picture of how incredible I look in this coat, here’s a picture of it on a strangely concussed-looking model:


Glorious, no? I assure you, it looks fabulous on me. So let it rain, I say! No wind or rain in the ‘verse can stop me, for I have a coat, and lo, it is trench-y.

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I’ve been a slackersaurus about updating my blog this week, many apologies! I’m sure the ten of you who read my blog regularly are terribly disappointed by the radio silence. What have I been doing? you ask. Where have I been? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • Revising. I sent first round revisions of Bai Tide (book #1 of the series) off to my editor a week or so ago and I’ve been working as fast as I can to whip Take the Bai Road (book #2 of the series) into shape well enough to send it to my beta readers. I’ve been promising to send book #2 to them for months at this point but there just isn’t enough time to get everything done so it gets shunted to the back burner more often than not. Revision is not a fast process. You have to sit with each sentence, each word, really, tearing it apart and putting it back together until it lands against your ears the way it should.
  • Planning. My best friend is having her first baby in January and I’m throwing her a massive baby shower next month. I’ve been planning, coordinating with other people, and getting invitations and ideas together. We’re having a blast but it’s a time-consuming labor of love. It’s going to be a…Wait for it…MURDER MYSTERY BABY SHOWER, with a roaring 20’s theme where guests get to solve the murder of the stork to win an awesome prize. I’m so excited. Trust me, this is the perfect shower theme for my friend. It’s going to be a hoot.
  • Hiring. I finally, after much searching and follow-up, found and hired a book publicist to help me spread the word about Bai Tide. Book promotion is a tiring, relentless, time-consuming process. If you can find someone fantastic to help you with it, you’ll be much happier for it. I hired Authors, Large and Small to help me out and so far I’m thrilled. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of magic they can work for me.
  • Podcasting. My friend A.C. Fuller has asked me to put together some short segments to put into his podcast, Writer 2.0. I’ve been working on putting those segments together and it’s going well but is, as you may have guessed, time-consuming (noticing a theme, here?). They’re one-to-two minute segments I’m calling Amuse Bouche Inspiration, and each segment explains how a famous writer got his or her start, and what we can learn from them. I like how they’ve turned out and can’t wait to hear them on air, so to speak.

As you can see, I’ve been busy, just not busy blogging. If you’re an author and you can say you’re busy, you’re lucky. I should be getting round two revisions from my editor for Bai Tide this week, which will mean no more revisions for book #2 and I’ll be under deadline again.

By the time I’m done revising Bai Tide and Take the Bai Road, I’m pretty sure I will have completely forgotten how to write new material. When the time comes to write book #4, I’m going to feel like a newb again!

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Look how skinny I was! Makes me so proudsad.

Look how skinny I was! Makes me so proudsad.

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Erika. Erika had one child, writing novels was a hobby, and her husband definitely did not own his own company. In short, Erika was busy, but not too busy.

She was also overweight, so she decided to take a stand and do the whole weight loss thing right. Twice a week personal training sessions, fastidious calorie counting, and six workouts a week and five months later she was the skinniest she’d ever been. She kept that weight off for two whole months before breaking a bone in her foot and then getting knocked up again.

Now, Erika is a very busy mother of two. She’s right back to being overweight again, though now she has twice as many tiny humans to care for, a busy writing career that is very nearly thriving, and an entrepreneurial husband with his own busy work life. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though. Erika is chubby but she’s happy.

Though, sadly, way more woman than she’d like to be. Alas. And this concludes my tale of weight loss woe.

I’ve been thinking about juggling lately, and I’ve developed this theory about how parenthood gives us just enough room to do two things well. Like, there’s this whole spectrum of options out there, and when you have kids, you can pick two things to do well and that’s it. You can half ass a few things at a time, I suppose, but that’s never been something I’ve been good at and besides, it goes against Ron Swanson’s advice. I try to never go against Ron Swanson’s advice.


Here’s a list of things I came up with that you can choose from to do really, really well when you’re a stay at home parent:

  • Keeping a clean, organized house. A place for everything, everything in its place. Kids well dressed and presentable, laundry always folded and put away, dishwasher emptied promptly, clear counters, clean floors, sparkling toilets, handy lists in strategic places, etc.
  • Friends. Being a really involved, thoughtful, caring friend who intentionally makes room and time for important people. Throwing amazing parties for people, going out for regular coffee dates to keep in touch, dinners/drinks out on the town together, remembering birthdays and important anniversaries, etc. (Think Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec)
  • Fitness. Getting in shape, staying in shape, setting and attaining fitness goals, running races, training for triathlons, doing boot camps, cooking and eating healthy, balanced meals, sticking to calorie goals, no junk food, etc.
  • Hobby. Putting in the time and effort to hone your craft, perfect your technique, attend workshops, practice, showcase your work at local events, network with other people who like doing what you do, making a name for yourself, etc.
  • Kids. Reading stacks of books every day, regular trips to the library, planning out fun activities and play dates, being involved in school activities, researching child development and amending parenting techniques to reflect what you learn, intentional conversations, socializing your kids with other kids in a similar developmental stage, etc.

I’m sure you can probably come up with more, but for me these are the big five. I constantly feel like I should be excelling at all five, and yet, I don’t think it’s possible without either burning out, developing a Ritalin addiction, or half-assing some of them.

Every time I feel like I should be doing more, better, I’m reminded of that scene from The Office where Angela and Phyllis are trying to plan the launch party and Phyllis holds up her fingers with Post-It Notes on them and tells Angela to pick two, because she can’t do them all. And then, when Angela is a huge jerk about it, Phyllis wads the whole lot of Post-Its up and throws it in Angela’s face. Just like this:


Click for the .gif.

And so that’s where I’ve landed. I know I’m capable of being super skinny again. I loved it, and would be delighted to go back there again. I just know how much work and focus that takes, and it’s not possible right now. Not with my kids being the age they are and my writing career being where it is right now. And so, I’m chubby. I’m chubby, but my kids are thriving and my writing is improving and my husband likes hanging out with me. I have occasional coffee with my friends, I workout two-to-three times a week but still eat junk food when I’m stressed, and my house is occasionally a little messy.

I’m whole-assing my kids and my writing career, and everything else gets shoved in wherever there’s room. It’s not ideal, but it’s tenable. How about you? What are you whole-assing vs. half-assing?

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Me and Wes talking to Robert at the signing. For those of you who don’t know me well, this is a quintessential Erika face. I was probably cracking a lame joke. I do that sometimes.

I had the pleasure of attending Robert Dugoni’s book signing last night at Parkplace Books in Kirkland. For those of you who haven’t heard of Robert, here’s what you need to know:

  • He’s smart. You can just tell by the way he speaks and explains things that he’s got a lot going on upstairs.
  • He’s an excellent writer. He read us a passage out of his new book, My Sister’s Grave, and it’s an undeniable fact that he has an ear for dialogue.
  • He’s a kind, interesting person. I met him at the ITW ThrillerFest in July and, when I sent him an email afterward asking him whether he might consider writing a blurb for my new book, Bai Tide, he didn’t hesitate. He was in super crunch mode writing a sequel to My Sister’s Grave and doing promotional stuff, but he made time to read my book and then wrote a glowing blurb of it for me.

When I got to the front of the line to have him sign my copy of his book, he remembered me and told me HE liked MY book. Isn’t that a kick? I mean, that was totally MY line!

Robert’s kindness only reinforces to me the prevailing truth I’ve seen confirmed again and again since the start of my writing journey and that is, authors take care of each other. I’ve yet to meet a snobby author who refused to talk to a nobody like me, and almost all the big authors I’ve met have either offered to help however they can or given me a kind word to keep me going.

I’m sure there are snobby authors out there, but I’m lucky in that I haven’t met any yet. It’s a singular experience to have someone like Jon Land or Robert Dugoni read your work (both of them provided blurbs for my book!), I imagine it’d be similar to having Picasso or Matisse take a look at your painting and tell you you’re onto something.

There’s absolutely no impetus for these successful authors to help nobodies like me. There are SO MANY underling authors who are happy with a small handful of reviews and will almost certainly never amount to household names. It’s not like a strategic alliance thing, wherein they’re guaranteed future success by aligning with the right people at the right time.

No, they do it because they’re kind. Because they want to help. Because they remember what it was like to be the little guy, and they haven’t let themselves forget it.

If you want to thank these wonderful people for being wonderful to me, you can do so by buying their new books! They’re both fantastic, entertaining reads and by buying them you’ll be supporting nice people who do nice things for nobodies like me. You can find My Sister’s Grave at the link above, or Strong Darkness by Jon Land here.

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cover170x170My interview with A.C. Fuller on his podcast Writer 2.0 is live this morning! You can find it in a couple different places:

We talk about how my Dad entertained himself by teaching me sleight of hand and pickpocketing, and how the search for an agent can only be described as soul-crushing. It makes for fun listening, even if you’re not as much of a writing nerd as I am.

Please support my friend, who was kind enough to have me on his show, by downloading the podcast and then listening to it. He’s a great interviewer and it’s a fantastic show. He interviews me first so you won’t have to wait long for my hyper-fast chattering to fill up your speakers/earbuds/what-have-you.

Thanks for listening! Happy Monday!

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