2009: The End of an Era

Just for kicks and giggles, I looked up my New Year’s Eve post from last year.  In said post, I outlined my hopes for 2009.  Some of those hopes came to fruition (Wes and I expanding our family) and some didn’t (My Dad’s cancer did not run away).

I would say, though, that even with my Dad’s passing and saying goodbye to Doc, we had a pretty good year.  I was blessed enough to get to take one more trip out to see my Dad before he passed away.  We found out that we’re expecting a super-cute baby boy and that pregnancy agrees with me.  Wes finished school and ended the year with a big certification exam victory.

I mean, yeah, this year was not free from speed bumps.  It was, however, a good year.  We still have our house, we have our health, we have our son (and his health), and we have each other and our families.  No, we still don’t have cable TV and it’s been awhile since we took a vacation, but shoot.  Life is good, and I’m not complaining.

That being said, I still have hopes for 2010.  It’s a whole new decade, you know.  At this time ten years ago, I was a 14 year old girl who had just moved to Washington with her mom and her mom’s creepy boyfriend.  I spent New Year’s Eve on the computer, listlessly waiting for someone to sign on to AOL Instant Messenger so I could chat with someone.  Anyone.

Ten years later, I have a rakishly handsome husband, a very busy baby boy kicking my ribs, and a bottle of Martinelli’s with my name on it.  We’re staying in this year due to my propensity for degrading into a toddler after 11 pm, and I have no doubt we’ll have a splendid time doing it.

Here are my hopes for 2010:

  • A healthy baby and a safe delivery of said baby.
  • A good job for Wes.
  • A strong finish in school and good job for my brother.
  • The ability to endure the 30 Day Shred with Wes once the baby’s here.
  • To ring in the New Year next year having lost all my baby weight.
  • An excellent year for my company, including a successful site re-launch and doubled traffic.
  • A tenable solution for what I’m going to do at work next year when the baby’s here.

Much like with last year, I have no idea how these hopes will shake out.  Some may happen, some probably won’t.  The nice thing is, it’s a whole new year.  There’s nothing but the opportunity for great things to come.  I look forward to seeing what’s ahead, and though I know there will of course be challenges to overcome, there will be joy too.

What do you hope for next year?

2 thoughts on “2009: The End of an Era

  1. I’d hope for world peace, but I really think that could cause more problems than it would solve. I’m imagining something like the utopia of Demolition Man.

    Otherwise, I hope that only good things come to everyone I know online and off. After the past few years, we all deserve it!

  2. -Blanche, Ha! I shudder to think of the under-table deals that would be required to reach world peace. And then there would be all those unemployed pundits!

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