The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 3

Week 1 on the left, week 3 on the right. Notice the distinct decrease in pudge!

Woooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ahem. What I meant to say was, I am really very excited about my results from this week. I stepped on the scale and saw a major decrease in poundage, and I must say there’s absolutely nothing in the world more encouraging to a person trying to lose weight than actually…losing weight. Huh.

Anyway, my post for Fitness Together Sammamish is up on their blog, and if you click over to read it you can see my pound loss-age for yourself (as well as some gratuitous raving and happy flag waving). (Also, you can leave comments for me on their blog, I read them there too. Plus, it makes me look good) (Just kidding) (But not really).

Again I say: Woooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The Quest for Skinny Erika Week 2

My new Fitness Together blog post in up on their blog and you can check it out here! If you feel like it, please pop over and check it out. I whine about how delicious the Super Bowl is, and also share what I learned about the importance of strength training.

Also, I just have to say that having a personal trainer really is helpful. I’ll talk more about this in my blog post for next week, but yesterday I was able to hold the plank position for 30 seconds! That’s 20 seconds more than I could hold it when I first started working out. I know there’s no way I could get those kinds of results without personal trainers helping me work out better.

If you’re local and feel like getting on the personal training bandwagon, you can check out Fitness Together’s website here. They’ll even give you a free training session so you can try it for yourself!

Stay tuned for next week, wherein I hope my weigh-in and measurements will reflect the fact that I’ve met my calorie goals and exercised every day. Oooh, suspense!

Just a Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Just in case I haven’t reiterated myself a gajillion times already, I’m trying to lose weight. I’m watching what I eat, exercising, and staying the heck away from bakeries.

Wes knows this. And he’s supportive. Well, most of the time, at least. He went to Costco the other day for healthy lunch options and came back with…Mozzarella Sticks. And chicken alfredo.

Nevetheless, regardless of the force required for old habits to die, he is supportive and encouraging and it’s really very helpful. He asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day and I replied nothing, because newly calorie cognizant Erika is terrified of Valentine’s Day. There are chocolate covered sea salt caramels on Valentine’s Day. And wine. And food. None of those things are congruent with my desire to be less lumpalicious.

Wes disregarded my desire to do nothing for Valentine’s Day (you cannot suppress a man so fantastic) and came home with a prime rib roast, flowers, chocolate, chocolate wine (oh yes, it does exist), and a baguette of French bread.

I took one look at the stuff in his arms and ran straight to the gym. I had thirty minutes in which to exercise and I worked up an impressively pink face in the time allotted to me.

When I got home, I decided I would enjoy everything he brought home. In moderation.

This is a new concept for me, this moderation business. If one chocolate chip is good, one whole bag will be, like, five hundred times as good!

But lo, I had a husband who wanted to spoil me so I tried just a smidge of everything. I sampled some of the chocolate wine, I nibbled the prime rib roast, and had just a little of the dessert he made.

All in all, I ate exactly enough to meet my calorie goal for yesterday AND got to enjoy chocolate and wine and deliciousness.

This is a watershed moment, you guys. Knowing that watching my weight does not equate to a miserable hermit-like existence wherein cottage cheese and almonds are my only friends is life-changing. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was perfectly content with just a few sips of the chocolate wine and just a few nibbles of chocolate.

All in all, it was an excellent Valentine’s Day in virtually every way possible. I hope yours was good as well!

When Ambition Attacks!

I had a bit of a crisis moment on Tuesday. Now, I say “a bit of a crisis” because that’s what it was. It wasn’t a full-blown crisis, but it sure had the makings of one.

I’ll start from the beginning.

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of spending quality time with a lot of awesome people. We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday, and my friend brought some truly excellent cheesecake brownies she made from scratch. They were delicious, and I had two small brownies which I immediately felt guilty for eating.

Then came Sunday, which was the Super Bowl. Traditionally one of my favorite over-eating holidays, I really tried hard to watch what I was eating. I had a salad for lunch (even though there was also spaghetti and meatballs) and a small plate of nachos for dinner. And, because there was homemade fudge sauce (oh my gosh Y.U.M.) I had a small bowl of low fat vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce for dessert.

Even as careful as I tried to be, however, I still went over my calorie goals on both days. According to my calorie counting app, I should strive for 2,000 calories a day if I want to lose weight.

Here comes the beginning of the crisis. Ever since my phone recommended 2,000 calories a day, I’ve been striving to keep my calories under 1,800 per day. If 2,000 calories a day means I’ll lose weight, 1,800 will be even better, right?

That right there is a slippery slope.

On Monday, in an effort to atone for my weekend excesses, I ate 1,163 calories. Yes, that’s right. 1,163. As in half of what I should have been eating.

I felt like crap. I was sluggish, had little energy, and felt weak. It was a miserable feeling.

The next day, I told Wes that I thought I might have the makings of a problem. The ambitious side of me is always going to want to push it. If 10 push-ups is great, 20 is even better! If 1,800 calories a day means weight loss, 1,600 would mean it even more!

I told him this is not a healthy way to live, and that if at the end of the day I tell him I’ve eaten less than 1,800 calories he needs to tell me to go grab some cheese sticks from the freezer to make up for it.

He promised me he would, and then told me he’d do me one better and yell at me to go eat a sandwich (which is what I always yell at the TV when an actress looks particularly skeletal).

I’ve always thought my ambition was an ally, like my own personal pet dragon that incinerates my problems when I let it out. I never thought it would turn on me like that. Well, this just goes to show you that you should never turn your back on a dragon. Or neglect your sandwiches.

The Quest for Skinny Erika

Yes, that is me just letting it all hang out. Far too lumpy, in my opinion!

Thankfully I'm not quite as wide as I am tall, but it's a bit too close for comfort.

As I mentioned last week, I recently signed up to do personal training sessions with Fitness Together in Sammamish.  In order to get a better sense of my progress, I’m blogging my way through it complete with unflattering pictures of my hotness-in-progress.

I’ll link to the posts here, so you can go check them out.  Please check them out, encouragement and support are really important when high-maintenance attention seeking people are trying to lose weight and get in better shape.

You can find the post here, and if you think they’re doing a good job getting me into shape, you can check them out on Facebook or even call them up for a free session of your own!