More Nice Things On The Internet

Inspired by my grandmother, who at Christmas lamented the lack of “Nice things on the Internet,” I have decided to share something nice that happened to me the other day.

Being the glutton for punishment I am, I decided to leave the house three days before Christmas and head to Costco for some last-minute necessities. The kids were tired, the weather was dreadful (tons of rain blown sideways by a freezing wind), and the parking lot was crammed full of people willing to mow over grandmothers and babies alike in their quest for a good spot close to the door.

I spotted someone backing up out of a primo spot near the door and zoomed over to it with my blinker on, only to arrive at the exact same moment as someone else who came at the spot from the other direction.

The spot empty, the other guy and I inched forward, both of us clearly wanting that spot. Finally, I pantomimed begging and holding a baby, as if to say, “Please, sir. I have a baby!” and he smiled and conceded the spot to me.

If I could have found that guy and hugged him, I would have. Maybe twice.

Then, once inside, I was having trouble getting Aidan into the cart with Lily strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn. A nice lady swooped in and picked Aidan up for me. She said to me with a smile, “I have two of my own.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a little dash of more nice things on the Internet. Because my grandmother asked for it.

Ear Worms

Have you ever had an ear worm that niggled and wriggled and embedded itself good and firm in your psyche, playing over and over until you were tempted to lobotomize yourself just to get it to STOP ALREADY?

Being the parent of a young child who watches TV (no matter how little) is basically like that every day, because kids shows have music that is specially designed to never, ever leave your brain. Even if I spend a few minutes listening to my own music every day, I still find myself humming Thomas & Friends songs in the shower every night.

And yet? Little kids never mind. These infectious ear worms bounce right off their tender young minds and come barreling instead straight toward the people most likely to mind. Why is this?

What is it about being a grown up that invites ear worms to make themselves at home between your ears?

Wool and Copper

Seven years ago, I was a very young bride anxiously anticipating my wedding, which was less than a week away. I was finishing up final exams, moving my stuff into the little house my fiance and I had just bought, and remaining blissfully ignorant of how many final wedding details I probably should have paid attention to but didn’t.

I was twenty years old and in love, full of optimism about the future I’d be spending with my first (and only) great love.

Oh man, the present (which was the future back then) is even more awesome than I’d hoped.

So now I’m tasked with finding a gift for my beloved to celebrate our seventh anniversary. The traditional seventh anniversary gift is wool or copper. Because nothing says “I love you and I’ve really enjoyed seven years of marriage with you” like a scratchy sweater or piece of plumbing pipe.

Maybe I’ll fashion some kind of freakish sculpture using copper wire and bits of wool fluff. I’ll tell him I worked really hard on it and that it represents the enduring love I feel for him, and see what he does. If he tells me he loves me, I’ll smile. If he tells me he loves his gift, I’ll cackle merrily. Either way, fun times ahead.

Seven whole years. Huh. That’s pretty cool. We’ve crammed a whole lot of good stuff into the last seven years. Can’t wait to see what the next seven look like!

With any luck, there will be more freakish sculptures, puckish giggles, and pointless arguments.

NaNo Fail

Well, I tried it (it being NaNoWriMo) but it wasn’t meant to be. November started off so full of promise, with the kids taking nice, long, coinciding naps that gave me lovely long stretches of time during which to write. I made it a little over 15,000 words into my novel before my kids realized what I was doing and started being a little less possible.

Ah, well. I gave it a try, had some fun, and will hopefully be back to revisit the story again someday in the near future. I keep telling myself that this time in my life where I have two very small children and very little rest is a passing season, that there will come a time when their needs are less frequent and they will be away at school all day, and it makes me content to wait.

So I catalog my ideas and inspirations. I scheme while I’m changing diapers and cooking meals. Daydreaming while nursing, plotting while folding laundry, this is my life right now.

When I return to writing, and by writing I mean sitting down to write with reason to believe I’ll actually be able to finish whatever project I start, I think all this pent-up creativity is going to explode out and I dearly hope I’ll need to sop up all my ideas with reams and reams of pages printed with my words.

Until then? Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep thinking up really thrilling stories to tell my kids at bedtime.