28 Years of Handsome

Today is a very special day. Exactly 28 years ago, my husband made his way into the world but he was considerably smaller, quieter, and less hairy. It was a very good day indeed!

To celebrate, Wes has commissioned a number of his favorite meals/treats and so my dominion today shall be the kitchen, not the keyboard.

Even if you don’t know my amazing husband, wish him a happy birthday anyway. It’ll make his day and make me feel less bad about not writing a longer blog post! I’m off to continue my quest to cook my way to a better birthday. Good night, good luck, and happy weekending!

7 thoughts on “28 Years of Handsome

  1. So, the day after… did you manage to crawl your way out of bed, joints aching, grumbling about those damn kids on your lawn?

  2. -Dane, He was a bit grumpy upon first waking but after a rousing meal of Fiber One and prune juice he was right as rain. We’re going cardigan shopping later…

  3. @Dane

    The day after what? You mean “Christmas in August” otherwise known as my birthday? I sort of flopped out of bed, but the joints feel fine. As for the kids on my lawn, they shall get their come uppance!


    Well! The Outrages I have suffered today will not be soon forgotten! I will not be forgetting these outrages! No no! These outrages will not be—



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