A Few Well-Earned Comforts

What a week! Truly, I’m not sure I’ve ever accomplished so much in one week of work (or been quite so numb and tired). We decided to take a break (meaning we had nothing to do) from HR activities and work on a very lengthy project that ultimately ended up being quite complex, frustrating, and producing such feelings as OH MY GOSH WHY IS THIS PROJECT SO CONFUSING I REALLY NEED A STARBUCKS I THINK MY EYES ARE CRUMBLING OUT OF MY FACE IT’S DISTINCTLY POSSIBLE THAT THE APOCALYPSE HAS HAPPENED AND I’LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE I’M STILL DOING THIS F’ING PROJECT. *Ahem*, sorry about that, as you can see I’m still a little raw from the brain-crushing monotony of said project.

That being said, I’m really stoked about the weekend. There’s really no better feeling than working your tail off all week and then getting to go home and relax because you know that it’s the weekend. Wes and I are planning to take Doc to the dog park again on Sunday and I promise to take some fun pictures this time. We don’t have any other plans as of yet but sometimes that makes for the nicest weekend. One thing I do know is that Wes and I are going to watch “300” tonight. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the film so I’m trying to enter into it without expectations. All I know is that it’s very gory and violent. Wes ordered the DVD in HD, so I’m cautiously looking forward to watching the movie yet terrified at the prospect of high-definition gore. Apparently, however there are super-sized elephants in the movie. I love elephants! Maybe I’ll just think about those whenever it gets too violent. Regardless, have a great weekend all you mystery readers, I’m going home!

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