A Speck of Nonsense

Sometimes, the things I come across while working astound me. Like this sentence:

“Meanwhile, the tap water containing tadpoles can be used to improve the health of your mother in law.” Source

Of course it’s taken out of context, but still, sometimes when a headline jumps out at you, you have to stop and take notice. The more you know, you know?

2 thoughts on “A Speck of Nonsense

  1. Perhaps I should consider buying my MIL a bottle of tadpole water for Christmas. I doubt anyone else would duplicate it. :)

    (My MIL is actually a wonderful person and we have a great relationship.)

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, It really helps when you actually enjoy being around your MIL, doesn’t it? I know a lot of women whose MILs make them miserable and it seems very stressful. While it’s true that tadpole water would be unique, it might prevent you from being invited over again in the future…

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