A Tale of Two Obesities

After I had my son, my weight hovered in the mid 220’s despite a year of breastfeeding. Perplexed and convinced I was doing the whole “Breastfeeding Makes You Lose Weight!” thing wrong, I hied myself to the gym shortly after he was weaned and lost forty pounds in about six months.

Yay me!

How did I do it? Personal training (Thanks, Fitness Together!) and eating less. I counted my calories using a nifty phone app, exercised more in six months than in the preceding 27 years of my life, and listened to my personal trainers. If they told me to do something, you could consider something done.

Then, alas, I broke a bone in my foot, wore a boot for two months, got pregnant, had a complicated pregnancy (that it was complicated because the boot threw my spine and hips out of alignment I wouldn’t find out until too late), had a c-section, and then tragically tore the meniscus in my knee when I tried to go back to the gym four months after my daughter was born.

Sad me.

Now that my daughter is weaned, I’m ready to try to make lightning strike again. The good folks at Fitness Together (in Issaquah, if you’re interested) are taking me on again to teach me how to exercise with my bum knee, I’ve got a new calorie counting app on my phone, and I’m ready to recognize myself again.

You know that feeling where you think you look okay in the mirror but then you see yourself in a picture and you’re aghast? I’m tired of that feeling.

This time, there are Zumba classes at the personal training studio. I’ve never done Zumba but it sounds like a blast! Get ready Issaquah, it’s about to get a whole lot flailier in your city on Monday nights…

Wish me luck, won’t you? Losing baby weight is hard work. It’s a thousand decisions not to dive into a bag of chocolate chips whenever your kids are driving you crazy and throwing out the remains of their luscious ¬†grilled cheese sandwiches rather than eating them. It’s repealing the lies you’ve told yourself, such as, “I was good at lunch today so I can have a big dinner AND dessert” or “I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that chocolate chip pancakes will make me live longer.”

As of this morning I’m 235 pounds and can’t really climb a staircase without feeling winded. Here’s hoping that by next Christmas I’ll be out of the 200’s and able to keep up whenever my son decides to sprint across the park.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Obesities

  1. The only luck you might need is not re-injuring yourself! Other than that, I have complete faith in your abilities to resist the power of chocolate. :)

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