A Tricky Treat!

What a marvelous weekend! Sir Wesley and I carved pumpkins on Sunday and it was really messy, sometimes frustrating, but altogether it was a very satisfying experience. We selected jack-o-lantern templates from the HomeStar Runner website (HomeStar for him, Trogdor for me) and set about making our wildest pumpkin dreams come true. Wild it was, too! Wes almost sliced his finger off and I completely abolished Trogdor’s mouth. His poor fearsome teeth fell right off when I attempted to free them from his mouth. Oops. So now he’s a fearsome close-mouthed dragon.
Just because Wes and I are really dedicated to our photography, we waited until it was dark outside to take pictures of our handiwork. All told, I think we ended up taking close to 30 pictures of our pumpkins, all of which involved finding just the right exposure and space from the camera. Wes is very particular about that sort of thing. The pictures turned out great, as is evidenced above. I’m very impressed with my husband over his pumpkin carving work.
Not because he’s so great with a steak-knife (we both are, by the way, so you may not want to cross us…that is, if you’re a pumpkin…and it’s 3 days before Halloween…and we feel like carving you…never mind) but because he really sacrificed to carve that pumpkin with me. He hates getting his hands dirty. Really really really doesn’t like it and there’s not much that you can do legally that gets your hands as dirty as pumpkin-carving. I mean, wow if those pumpkin innards aren’t sticky when they dry!
Wes, however, bore it all in order to make me smile. He would vastly have preferred playing his Wii to carving jack-o-lanterns but he did it anyway. He is very sacrificial that way, and it did make me smile so mission accomplished!
We did some other fun stuff last weekend as well. We bought Doc a new collar and leash to accommodate his rapidly increasing size. They are bright blue and very fetching, if not still a little too big. He’s a good sport though and pretends not to notice. He just lifts his head and swings his tail and does his little puppy-strut the best he can. He looks so funny in his huge collar though that I can’t help but laugh. I laughed the whole way down the street this morning. What would I do without my morning Doc walk?
So now I’m back at work. I’m typing this as a Word document first and then I’ll really quickly copy and paste it into my blog so that I won’t get caught blogging at work. So tricky!

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