A Very Dapper Dog

This post will have to be kept short, because alas it is late, I am sleepy, and no one ever said in so many words that a blog post absolutely had to be 600+ words. The reason I’m so sleepy and blogging so late is that Wes and I just got home from celebrating our third anniversary with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! See? The evidence is up there on the left *point point*

If this cheesecake weren’t perishable, and I were still single, it would run a serious race against Wes for my affections. I was about four forkfuls shy of taking this bad-boy home to meet my parents. It’s the Adam’s peanut butter ripple blah-blah-forty-word-long-name cheesecake and it was everything I was hoping it would be.

The frosting was peanut butter, it was packed full to bursting with all kinds of interesting tastes and textures. Unfortunately, I was so full from dinner that I only made it through about five bites before I had to throw in the napkin and request a box. You know food is either supremely excellent or hilariously awful, though, when I’m compelled to photograph it so I have proof that it existed before going straight to my bowl full of jelly.

The cold here has yet to abate, so Doc continues to spend an inordinate amount of time scrunched up in his crate. He managed to scoot it halfway across the room today (he was nearly to the other end of the room, which contains a bookcase, so I’m assuming he was scooting toward some new reading material) and I could swear he’s taking correspondance courses whilst encased in his plastic palace.

The reason you see my big, tough, 85lb. dog wearing a cheery red scarf is that, when I came home wearing said scarf, Doc went bananas and tried to eat it (he gets very excited when he discovers new things he can fit into his mouth). For some reason, this seemed to me to be a good reason to make him wear it and hence we have this picture. Two treats and one command later, we have an adorable picture of my dog wearing a scarf. You tell me: Was it worth it?

5 thoughts on “A Very Dapper Dog

  1. -Dane, Doesn’t he look cozy? I told Wes that I suspect this heralds much humiliation for our future progeny…

  2. -Perception, Thanks! Doc doesn’t quite agree but I think he’s still just mad that I wouldn’t let him rip the scarf to fuzzy red bits :)

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