A Week Great in Magnitude

This is a big week, ladies and gents, a BIG WEEK. Not only did we have our first snowfall on Saturday, we’re in the middle of the most severe cold-snap this region has seen for many years.

The temperature is plummeting to the teens on a much-too-regular basis and it’s so cold outside that your windshield washer fluid will freeze the minute it hits your windshield (not that any California-native ditz would know that from personal, dim-witted experience, of course…) It’s too cold for the puppy to stay outside during the day so he’s been hanging out in his crate a lot. If you ask us, we’re protecting him from frostbite. If you ask him, we’re being cruel animal-haters who probably eat babies.

You can choose who you would like to believe.

Anyway, aside from all the (bone-chilling, extremity-numbing, hyphen-requiring) cold we’re enduring, this week happens to be the week of our third wedding anniversary. Three years ago, Wes was living in an empty house and waiting for his fiancee to finish moving her crap over from her apartment, I was finishing up Finals Week and trying very hard not to succumb to the madness that is brought about by buying a house, finishing Finals, and getting married in a two-month span. We were mere days from promising to stick together like super-glued lobsters and couldn’t have been more excited.

Now, we’re mere days away from our third anniversary, we are more weird and ridiculous than we ever were while dating, and we couldn’t be more excited about stuffing our faces. Unless we’re snowed in, we’ll be heading to the inimitable Cheesecake Factory for our anniversary dinner (hooray gift cards!!) and spending hours there imbibing and eating until we’re so fat we have to roll home. I do love a good roll home!

In other news, Wes and I have decided that holiday gift-exchange parties = awesome because last week we brought a cookbook I’ll never use (too many fancy ingredients) and took home a bottle of wine and a sparkly Christmas decoration. Wins all around!

Today also happens to be the very first day I worked full time at Bottle Your Brand, so of course now it’s later than I thought it would be, my music is so fast-paced that I’m typing without thinking (Wes gave me a Rise Against CD for Christmas and it’s rocking my socks off in a frenetic manner), and I have to go make dinner before it’s so late that it’s technically considered breakfast.

Whether because of snowstorms, frigid temperatures threatening to turn our dog into a pupsicle, or our third anniversary, this is going to be a great week. What are you looking forward to this week?

6 thoughts on “A Week Great in Magnitude

  1. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) finished the last dreadful class of this term. And I’m looking forward to more snow!! And by the way, you’ll never guess what the average temperature of our apartment was last month….a scorching 49 degrees! This month I’m sure it will be even cooler. Oh I wish we were rich so we could have the heat on all the time. Enjoy your week.

  2. -Del, Are. You. Kidding?!?!?! 49 degrees?! That’s obscene! Our house got that cold once when the power went out and we jumped ship to Wes’ parent’s house! Oh man, I’m sorry you have to live like that! At least your classes are almost over! You’re one semester closer to being done!

  3. -Isabel, No kidding! I work for a customized water bottle company and we had to keep the heat on in the warehouse so our products wouldn’t freeze! It’s just bananas!

  4. I’ll try not to turn into snow this week :). Btw I am reading “Fool Moon”- Dresden Series and plan on finishing it this week. Its awesome.

  5. -Perception, I’m SO glad you’re enjoying Harry Dresden. Such fun, yet still suspenseful! Definitely don’t turn into snow or a popsicle either. I hope your plants make it through the freeze ok!

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