I May Not Know Why, But I Know What I Like

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery.

True confession: I’m not a “fancy” person. I can’t look at high art and ‘get’ it, I can’t really differentiate the nose of a Cabernet and a Merlot, and I can’t taste a gourmet dish and tell you what, exactly, I like about it other than that it tastes good.

That said, I do like things. I can’t always provide a fancy-pants high brow explanation of why I like things, but I definitely know what I like. (Unless we’re talking about writing, of course, about which I know enough to be exceptionally picky.)

When it comes to photography, I tend not to be interested unless the photo in question tells a story of some kind. I’m a storyteller, I like to be transported. I fully believe in photography’s ability, when done right, to take you somewhere new so you can feel something. It’s about freezing and preserving a moment in time. I like photography to be rich and textured, and can’t usually say I’m terribly blown away by what I see touted as photography.

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery.

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery.

Except when I look at my friend Aaron James’s work. There’s something magical about what he does with a camera. It isn’t anything fancy or contrived, he just has this natural ability to capture the exact images that define moments and feelings. The guy’s got great instincts, and it shows in his work.

I don’t know if it’s because of how he uses light, or because his finger instinctively knows when to press down on the shutter, or because he’s just one of those people for whom these things come naturally. What I do know is that he’s serious about his craft and it’s a lot of fun to watch him do what he loves.

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery.

Photo credit Aaron James Imagery.

His real specialty is children. He’s a father of three and, as such, has this uncanny ability to take pictures that tell you everything you need to know about his subjects in a single image. Unfortunately for you, I can’t show you the incredible pictures he took of my kids because I’m protective of my kids’ privacy. Just trust me. They’re stunning.

In case you’re a Seattle area local and you want Aaron to make you look good too, he’s currently taking bookings and charges reasonable (read: affordable) rates. Check out his website here or just email him at aaronsbjames{at}gmail{dot}com.

He in no way asked me to blog about him or compensated me for this post, I just believe in him. A good photographer deserves to have tons of work to do, and you deserve to have terrific photos taken of you. You’ll be so happy you hired him, trust me.

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