About me

This is what I look like on my best days.

Hi! My name is Erika Mitchell and I’m an author. I’ve writen lots of stuff, like blogs, books, short stories, and the occasional instructional how-to. I’ve been writing since I was little but only started getting paid to do it in 2007.

Nowadays, I write spy fiction. Think gunfights, explosions, banter, and intrigue. I think of my books as a loving homage to Get Smart, James Bond, and Mission: Impossible. I grew up watching those with my dad, and I’ve loved all things espionage ever since.

If you’re in the market for some fast-paced spy stories, please check out my author website. You’ll find sample chapters, plot summaries, and purchase links there, as well as some short stories I occasionally like to share for free!

I have a BA in Psychology, my favorite color is yellow, my favorite band is Radiohead, and the coolest thing I’ve ever done was…hmmmm. Hard to pick. I’ve given birth without painkillers, held an M4, toured the FBI Headquarters Building in New York City, eaten at Katz’s Deli, gone off-roading in a vintage VW Beetle, and toured the Seattle Shipyards. I’ve shaken R.L. Stine’s hand, chatted with Anne Rice, and sailed on the Sea of Galilee. I’ve done some cool things. It’s hard to pick just one.

I’m married to Wes. We’ve been married since 2005 and we still really like each other even though the first time he told me he loved me I told him to go f*** himself. It’s a long story. Did I mention that we met at Red Robin? He was my waiter. I like my true love with a side of French fries.

We have two kids, both of whom are adorable and really, truly, very┬ávery distracting. Neither one of them is impressed by the fact that I’m a published author. In fact, my daughter once chastised me for writing my name on one of my books and I was like, “Honey, it’s printed on there because it’s my book!” and she wasn’t swayed. In her mind, I am a book vandal.

We live in a small suburb about fifteen miles away from Seattle, but I usually just tell people I live in Seattle because “a small suburb about fifteen miles away from Seattle” takes a long time to say. I’m not from around here, though. I grew up in Orange County, CA and was transplanted here when I was fourteen. It was not an amicable transplant but they have cute guys up here so I made the best of it. Then I married a local so now I’m stuck even though there’s infrequent sunshine.

I kid, sort of. I like it here. I’d like it a lot more if I could see the sun more often during the winter, but it could be a lot worse. Like if I lived in the bottom of a bucket in Seattle.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at: ErikaMitchellBooks{at}gmail{dot}com