Accented Silliness

This is a somewhat embarassing admission. Granted, I make few other kinds of admissions on this blog, but this one is a bit…well…racy.

Woo boy! I bet your eyebrows just shot right up into your hairline! Now, when I say racy, I mean that in a strictly Erika way, which is to say it’s not very racy at all.

OK, after all that fanfare, I better just get right out with it, yes? Here it is: I, like every other hot-blooded American woman I know, am a sucker for a guy with an accent.

Feel free to erase this blog from your Internet history if you need to.

I don’t know what it is, but certain accents just make me lose my female freaking mind. Now, Wes knows this, and luckily he’s good at imitating accents, so don’t bust out your wee violins for him just yet.

Unfortunately, not all accents are created equally in this phenomenon. The top three accents appear, at this point, to stand as such in my favor:

  1. Irish
  2. British
  3. Australian

Something about those accents seems to make me forget that I generally dislike a lot of the conversations I have with total strangers.

Case in point: I answered the phone today and the first thing I heard was a lot of ambient noise. It was so loud it hurt my ears, and any call that hurts my ears is automatically going to make me cranky. So, when the guy started talking and I couldn’t hear him, I grew even more annoyed.

I wanted to tell him to get his act together before he called next time, but I kept quiet until he maneuvered to a slightly quieter spot. Then, when he spoke, I could hear him clearly and all my annoyance flew out the window. Why? Because he had a British accent.

He’s decided that I’m the only one he’ll talk to at my company, and he called me four times today (behavior that is normally enough to get me to endlessly mock a customer’s ineptitude), but he was so effusively British and charming that I didn’t care a whit that I could barely understand him or that he called me way too often.

My friends at work gave me a hard time, and I gave myself one as well, because it’s honestly quite pathetic that all it takes is a British accent to erase my normally reclusive and anti-social tendencies.

Why is this? Guys, feel free to correct me on this, but I’m pretty sure this is a unidimensional attraction in that guys don’t flock to women with accents, and I’m almost certain that an American accent will garner you no special treatment overseas.

So, why do American women love guys with accents? Are there any alluring accents that I’ve either missed or been heretofor unaware of?

2 thoughts on “Accented Silliness

  1. -Mrs. Higrens, Antonio Banderas FTW!!! Yeah, that guy does give good smolder, that’s for sure. I adore him in “Interview With a Vampire”!

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