Adventures in Israel Part 4: CAMELS

How could I forget to post the picture of me riding a camel?! As per my usual, if there’s an animal around I can be counted on to try to either a) domesticate it, b) talk to it, or c) ride it, so why would our trip to Israel be any different?

This particular camel was in front of the caves at Qumran, where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The camel’s owner wanted to charge us $5 to sit on the camel but the lady in front of me fearlessly negotiated him down to $1 and so we all took advantage of her good negotiating.

Man, camels are tall! I’ve been riding horses since I could hold my head up but I was actually pretty darn nervous being up that high. The camel was chained to the sign-post but the chain was really flimsy, more decorative than anything, and I was certain that if I looked at him the wrong way it’d be “Adios, guy with the stick!” and me and my camel friend would go lopping off into the sunset.

All that being said, sitting on a camel was everything I thought it’d be: smelly, tall, and vaguely alarming. I liked it, though, and if I ever get the chance again I’d like to actually ride one. The way they walk (all slopey and gangly) I think it’d be awesome fun.

I also wanted to write briefly about one of my personal highlights from the trip. We were sailing around the Red Sea and enjoying the day when the sailors put on some music they thought we’d like. It was disco (why do foreigners all assume that Americans are still crazy for disco?) and we tolerated it for about three hours.

The playlist must have run out at some point, though, because suddenly there was Metallica in our midst (Fade to Black, if you must know.) The guy changed the song but I yelled at him and he switched it back. The music was considerably better after that and when Led Zepplin started playing I knew we’d made it.

I can’t really explain how other-wordly yet unspeakably cool it was to cruise around the Red Sea while listening to “Stairway to Heaven,” but trust me when I say that it was beyond cool. If you ever get the chance I recommend it with both hands and feet.

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