Adventures in Vallarta Part Fin

Our vacation afforded us many interactions with animals of widely varying shapes. We swam with pointy tropical fishes, talked to a bright parrot, and walked quickly away from a bunny with what we thought was a raging case of The Mange. Thankfully, not all the creatures we came into contact with were diseased.
We participated in a horse-back riding tour through the jungle that ended up being really fun. We rode horses across the river about 14 times and Wes had a lot of fun passing slower riders. We were in a group of about 50 people and passing people soon became a viable fun alternative to stopping every 10 minites to allow stragglers to catch up. Wes’ horse was a bit of a stud (his name was ‘El Mexicano’) and every time he ran ahead all the mares ran to catch up. I promised Wes that before we go riding again I will teach him how to ride properly. When his horse trotted past me I cracked up because Wes looked so much like a rag doll all floppy in the saddle (though you couldn’t tell from this picture).
There unfortunately isn’t a good picture of me swimming with the dolphins but this is a picture of the dolphins I interacted with. The one on the left is a baby and the one on the right is its mother. It was cool to watch how the mother taught the baby by example how to behave properly. I pet the dolphins on the belly, back, and even held on while the dolphin swam with me around the pool. It was awesome and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. This was unfortunate as I ended up with a lot of salt water in my mouth. It was an incredible experience and I was in a good mood the rest of the day (how can you not be after swimming with these beauties?). It was funny because when we signed up for this tour Wes asked me if I wanted to do it. I looked at him and said, “Yes, but only since I was 4 years old. No pressure”. To be truthful, they felt exactly as I imagined they would feel. Smooth and warm and nice. This may look like a rather dull picture but in truth it is the pot of gold at the end of the tamale rainbow. We were on a desperate quest to partake of some genuine Mexican food before we left and so asked for recommendations from one of our cab drivers. He recommended this place, giving us such excellent directions as, “Your know Carlos O’Brien’s? Go up a couple blocks I dunno how many and then you see Pipi’s. Go over a couple blocks from Pipi’s and you find really good tamales.” Bear in mind, “up” and “over” are our only true directions in this quest. So we set out, bound and determined not to leave without fresh tamales. We found the place after only a little guesswork and went home with our delicious prizes. The tamales really were amazing and the best part is they only cost $.20 apiece. In the future Wes and I will probably stay closer to the city proper and eat here every night!
This is a picture of us during our flight home. We were super happy to make it home as it was an adventure from the start. I had already started feeling sick at this point and wanted nothing more than to not be travelling, but c’estait la vie. When we tried to check into our flight (after a mortifying baggage inspection by some Mexican teenager wearing gloves. He was professional but there’s nothing like having your unmentionables fondled in public by a stranger to make you squirmy) we were told that our flight had been cancelled. The check-in lady left and said she’d try to get us on another flight. She succeeded (thank God!) and we were upgraded to 1st class for our trouble. We landed in Houston with no trouble and made it onto our next flight without a hitch (1st class again! Hooray!). We landed in Seattle at midnight (which felt like 2am to us) and waited for our bags in baggage claim. Mine dropped down and we waited for Wes’ to come too so we could go home. And then we waited. And then we waited some more. Well, at 2am we asked the airline representative and she informed us that Wes’ bag had been left in Houston but that they would drop it off at our house the following afternoon. Huh. So we went home, unpacked my bag, and collapsed. They dropped his bag off the next day (barely!) at 11:30pm. Boo on them, I say. After that, laundry was done, the puppy was brought home, and life moved forward. Thus ended our Puerto Vallarta adventure. Thank you for your patience as I mustered the will and wit to get these pictures posted, it was fun to re-live everything again!

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