Adventures in Vallarta: Part One

Coming at you live from the lobby of our luxurious resort in Puerto Vallarta! We have checked out of our suite and are in possession of about 5 hours of spare time before our flight takes off. Wes has graciously allowed me the use of his laptop and so here I am, looking out at the brilliant sunshine, writing a blog post.

It has been an altogether awesome and eye-opening trip. We learned a lot about travelling and the next time we come to Puerto Vallarta we will most certainly go about a couple things differently. For instance, it took us two room-service breakfasts to figure out that, since neither of us can finish a whole breakfast single-handedly, we can split one and save money (hooray!). Also, we learned that it’s really hard to find Mexican food in Mexico. There’s a lot of crappy Italian food here, though, so go figure.

Also, we learned that if you are considering a tour and you can’t figure out how 30 minutes of snorkeling can equate to a 7-hour tour, that’s probably because they’re planning to leave you on a beach for 5 hours while they go grocery shopping with the boat.

I personally learned that tequila is treacherous! I had the opportunity to try home-made tequila, watered-down tequila, straight-up tequila, commercial tequila, and every other kind besides. It’s a tricky beverage and sneaks up on you. I can drink a margarita no problem but with one shot of homemade tequila I was GONE (picture forthcoming, I promise).

We had a lot of adventures and as soon as I download the pictures from my trusty camera I will certainly post them here. We did a lot of tours and a lot of laying by the pool. I conquered my fear of cold water (I swam in the ocean! Squee!!) and Wesley, well, he doesn’t want me to write about his sunburned feet. He did get to drink coconut milk straight out of a coconut, though, which made him feel very kitschy.

As much fun as we had, though, we’re both ready to go home. We miss our puppy and we miss our stuff (there’s nothing like a hotel bed to make you miss your bed at home!). An added bonus is that we’re coming home right around Christmas which is definitely something to look forward to! Wes’ brother and his wife are also expecting their first child any day now so that’s a blessing as well. As Wes and I prepare to drag our sunburned bodies back across the border it’s all we can do not to both miss being in this beautiful and vibrant place and be thrilled to come home.

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