Adventures in Vallarta Part Two

Woohoo, pictures are up (and with fun commentary for your persuing pleasure)! I did make it into work today only to leave early because my stomach is a giant unhappy face. I’ve worn sweatpants and a sweatshirt for a week straight and it’s safe to say Wes is really contemplating the “…or worse” part of our marriage vows right around now. I’m contemplating the infuriating fact that I’ve been eating less than half of what I normally do and violently sick multiple times every day and have yet to lose a pound. Seriously, where is the justice in that? Ahem, anyway, shall we move onto sunny happy pictures? I thought so…

We landed in PV very late at night and essentially did nothing more than fly (I sat next to the biggest guy EVER on the flight there. The poor guy had keep his arms crossed over his bosoms throughout the whole flight lest we become intimately acquainted with one another’s arm-fat), unpack (OH MY GOODNESS! The suite was exquisite. Three bathrooms, tile everywhere, private balcony, and a jacuzzi tub), drink (we sat next to two very wasted guys who were smoking cigars and talking really loudly. I desperately wanted to swap one of their cigars with a rolled napkin to see if they’d notice but I fought the urge), explore (huge pool with cool fountains and a hot tub with a firepit that looked out onto the ocean. Several times, Wes and I went for a swim in the pool, then walked down to the ocean, then finished up in the hot tub just because they were all so close together), and crash (it was 3am by that point) our first night.

We signed up for a lot of tours and this one happened to be the first one we did. It was a generic tour of PV, including the local handmade crafts market and a tour of the surrounding jungles. We were supposed to get picked up at our hotel lobby at 9am. We forgot to set the alarm and so we had the pleasure of getting ready in 10 minutes while everyone waited for us downstairs. I was quite grumpy for having to leave the room without breakfast, coffee, or makeup but managed to hold it together until Wes and I had the chance to slip away from the group and score some coffee. I don’t know why, but Mexicans make the BEST cappuccinos. Anyway, this was one of our stops. It was the site of a movie that was shot there during the 1940’s called “Night of the Iguana”. Fittingly enough, we’re posing with an iguana. He was very heavy and surprisingly warm and his handler wanted a whopping $2 to take a picture of him with us. That’s one thing I learned in Mexico: everything costs something. He sure is cute though, yes?
This picture was taken during the same tour. We stopped at a restaurant in the middle of the jungle and shared a yummy Mai Tai. This restaurant had delicious tortilla chips and the best fish I’ve ever had in my life. At this restaurant we befriended a parrot, walked on a rickety and frightening old bridge, almost got kicked by an irate horse, and came face to face with the ugliest dog either of us has seen (we think maybe a whippet/chihuahua mix?).

This picture was taken on our 2nd anniversary. We took a boat ride out to a secluded little island, called Caletas, and had dinner on the beach.
This is the previously mentioned dinner on the beach. It’s very dark but the vast blackness you see behind us is the ocean (we only ate dinner indoors twice the whole week). After dinner we saw a show that replicating an ancient Aztec? Mayan? ceremony involving fire and animals. Truth be told, we were both pretty distracted because there was this seriously old couple behind us making out like crazy behind us the whole time. I kid you not, they were macking like their lives were ending tomorrow. It was all so very slurpy and funny that Wes and I only paid half attention to the show. We walked back to the boat behind them and Wes took it upon himself to make slurping sounds the whole way back. On the outside I had to chastise him but on the inside I laughed like a malicious schoolgirl. We later found out that she had just left her husband for the guy she was making out with so I stopped feeling bad that Wes slurped at them.

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