An Explosion of Color!

When I found out my first child was a boy, there was never any question in my mind of what I wanted his nursery to be all about: Super Mario Bros. The colors, the friendly faces, the geeky goodness, it was everything I wanted for my son and more.

The funny thing is, I never had any idea how I would’ve decorated the nursery if we’d been expecting a girl instead. Two years passed by and I found myself expecting again and still had no idea how I’d want to decorate a girl’s nursery. If this baby had been a boy, he would’ve had an Angry Birds nursery, but alas, we’re having a girl.

So, to the Internets for me! I scoured Pinterest, Babies R Us, and Amazon for inspiration and never came up with a theme per se, but did discover two things about myself:

1. Pastels are not my cup of tea.

2. Color makes me happy!

With this aesthetic in mind, I shopped and consulted with Wes and shopped some more until I found the perfect decorations for Little Girl’s nursery. Behold!

It's like pink exploded in here, I love it :)

This room is aggressively colorful and makes me feel girly and happy and relaxed. Aidan loves it too, he gleefully calls it “Baby Sister’s Room” and enjoys hiding under the crib.

So that’s it, mischief managed! The only thing we have left to do is wait for her to finish growing and we’re all set to go for Baby Round 2.

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