And My New New Book Title Is…

The manuscript formerly known as Enemy Accountant is now known as… Blood Money.

As I’m sure you’re tired of hearing, Blood Money is due to be published in February of next year. I don’t have cover art yet, but rest assured that as soon as I do I’ll share it everywhere. I’ll also be posting the first chapter on my author website soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, here’s a brief teaser about what the book’s about:

Blood Money tells the story of Azzam al Abdullah, an Iraqi-born accountant living and working in London for Sun Corp, a corporation serving as a front for global Islamic extremist terrorism. When his employer finds out Azzam’s been informing on him to the CIA, a woman from Azzam’s past is put in danger. Azzam has to choose: Save her life or take Sun Corp down for good.

I can’t, can’t, can’t wait to share this book with all of you. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written!

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