Apples and Trees

My mother’s most common complaint about me when I was growing up was how difficult it was to teach me anything involving physical skills. Diving into pools, tying my shoes, catching a ball, it was all nigh impossible to teach me. She’d watch me do bellyflop after bellyflop, let the ball smack me right in the face, and fiddle about with the laces and wonder what in the world was wrong with her teaching.

Then, one day, I’d just get it. Out of nowhere. One day bellyflops, the next day perfect dives.

Well, it turns out my son got a lot more from me than just my hair. After a weekend of potty training, it turns out he’s wired in much the same way.

I studied and researched potty training, determined to attack it with a PLAN. Aidan took one look at my plan and said, “No thank you very much.”

Frustrated to the point of tears (because of my failure to do it right, not his) I put him down for his nap and sat down for a good, hard cry. Ten minutes later Aidan was asking to get up, and a minute later he was using the potty like he’d been doing it all his life.

I have absolutely no idea how that happened. I can’t take credit for it, I don’t even understand it, but it sure made a happy ending out of what was turning into a pretty dismal day.

It’s a good reminder to stay humble about the whole parenting thing. Sometimes your kid is awesome because of how you’re raising him, and sometimes he’s awesome because you got the heck out of his way.

6 thoughts on “Apples and Trees

  1. I have friends with 18 month-olds who are potty training and it has taken over their lives. No thank you!

    On the philosophical side, isn’t it just amazing to watch these little brains just ‘get it’?

  2. -Blanche, It has totally taken over our lives, but I know it’ll only be this way for a little while. I’m thinking we’ll be in good shape in about a month, and then he’ll have two additional months to perfect it before he becomes a big brother. I’d so much rather be doing this now than when I have another baby crawling around needing things.

  3. A month is finite – they’ve been doing it for monthSSSSS. That’s not my thing.

    Not to discourage you, but from what I’ve read there may be a regression when Little Sis arrives… :(

  4. -Blanche, Oh, wow. Yeah, that sounds rough. Aidan’s totally taken ownership of his toileting. He was SO ready to learn, and now he approaches the whole thing like it’s no big deal. It’s so cool to watch :)

  5. -Brooke, Thank you! Truth be told, I was planning to delay potty training until after Little Girl arrived but then Aidan was just SO READY and reeeeeeeally wanted to learn, so who was I to stop him? It’s a little more work now, but I have to admit it is SUPER FREAKING AWESOME not having to change diapers anymore.

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