Armchair Real Estate

This is going to be a short post because I’m writing it while cooking dinner. That’s one of the benefits of having my computer in the kitchen: I can cook and blog simultaneously.

There’s trouble afoot in the Merry Mitchell household, though. The great patriarch of this little family, Wes, is sick with the plague. He’s currently lying on the couch with a blanket over his face. I doubt he’ll even muster up the will to eat the chicken florentine I’m making for dinner. Truly, these are ponderous times.

Also ponderous is that I had an interesting run-in with a stranger at Starbucks today. It was crowded and seating was at a premium. When my drink was finished I spotted someone vacating a precious cushy armchair so I navigated my way through the crowd toward what I thought was success.

Alas, I was thwarted! Some unknown dude just gunned it through the doors and threw his newspaper on the seat before I could make contact. It was like touch-armchair (you know, like touch-football only with armchair real estate) and I totally lost.

We had that awkward moment where we made eye contact and shuffled around the topic of who had the rights to the chair. I knew when I was defeated, however, and conceded the comfy chair to him.

It ended up working out well after all because he came and found me when the next chair opened up. We sat and read next to each other in companionable silence until I left to meet a friend but we had a connection there for a minute.

Next time, though, I’m totally going to just chuck my book onto the armchair before he can even get through the door. It’s once bitten twice shy all over the place and I shall not lose the next round of touch-armchair. He’ll take two steps and BAM! It’ll be Jonathan Kellerman for the win. No way is his newspaper going to defeat my four hundred page novel. No sir.

2 thoughts on “Armchair Real Estate

  1. Or alternatively you could pick the newspaper and shred it into million small bits and blow them on his face…woah :)

  2. My my, this is a side of you I’ve never seen before! That would definitely make a statement, wouldn’t it? I’d feel really bad if that made him cry, though.

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