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I did it! If you look to the left, you’ll notice that there’s a new column featuring “Qvisory Posts”. The ones that I write have my name next to them and if you want to visit them you are most certainly welcome to.

I had to wait until Qvisory added an RSS feed specifically for the work section (which is my section) in order to set this up so I hope it helps!

As incredulous as I continue to be about the fact, Wes and I leave for Israel next week. We are both excited about taking such a momentous trip and I will, of course, have plenty of pictures to share when we get back (probably with fewer tequila adventures than our last trip, though).

Another hurdle we have to clear before we leave is the matter of the care of our gigantic Doc Holliday. I think my grandparents would likely take him again if we asked but I think two weeks with him would be a severe detriment to their mental health.

We are shopping various dog-sitters and have a few prospects but nothing is solid yet. We want to make sure that he’ll be loved, exercised, and protected from himself so our requirements for dog-care are stringent. How could we make sure that he’s anything but utterly spoiled while we’re gone?

You’d be surprised at the sordid world of dog-care, though. One establishment had the temerity to charge $50/day to watch one dog! Another business offered dog massages and aromatherapy to ensure that our dog was in a calm and relaxed state of mind during our absence.

Pffft. Our dog loves people so much he usually doesn’t even notice when we’re not there. He’s always ecstatic to see us when we return but he’s not exactly pining for us while we’re gone. I think he can survive without the aromatherapy, don’t you?

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