Arts & Crafts Day at Work

I walked face-first into a very lovely surprise this morning: The DIY wedding favor project I worked on for my job was featured on what could arguably considered the biggest blog in the wedding industry!

I bet you didn't know I could be so crafty!

I bet you didn't know I could be so crafty!

 I came up with the idea and the awesome graphic designer brought it to life!  We took approximately 3,018 pictures, assembled and re-assembled the favors, and generally had a fun time taking pictures and making arts and crafts.  We even staged a fake wedding reception:


Look at all the pretty!


We celebrated this huge accomplishment with bagels, naturally.

3 thoughts on “Arts & Crafts Day at Work

  1. Congratulations on being featured. Those not only look great, they seem like something people would actually like. What an idea! ;-)

  2. -Delisa, Thanks so much! If you ever need labels for one of the weddings you plan, let me know and I’ll hook you up. I know a guy…

    -Rae, Thank you! We were really excited about our guest appearance on the blog, what a good day! I know that if I got one of these at a wedding I’d definitely use it!

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