At Least I’m Not a Turkey

Oh boy, here we go again. Another round of holidays for me, thanks, straight up and with a twist! I figured out this morning that Wes and I are leaving for Mexico in three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Oh my goodness, that’s hardly even enough time to make a decent cheese! After I figured out that our vacation was truly impending, Wes and I spent about 15 minutes planning out our weekends in order to ensure that everything (i.e. Christmas shopping) was taken care of before we left.

I never fail to be amazed at how quickly life can go from zero to screaming. I woke up this morning thinking I had plenty of time to prepare for the holidays and now I realize that the holidays are so close they are breathing on my neck and kind of smell like caramel popcorn.

One thing that Wes noticed about me, though, is that once I’ve realized that I’m going to be busy I freak out because I attempt to swallow everything I have to do in one voracious gulp. Apparently, I’m not a python and this doesn’t work very well. For Wes’ sanity’s sake I have decided to heed his advice and try to take all the many and varied tasks set before me step by step. I get so overwhelmed and then I overwhelm Wes and then the only happy person left in our house is the puppy and that’s sad because we should all be as happy as the puppy (seriously, I think he’s the happiest creature in the world. Everything is a celebration for him. When he wakes up he’s just thrilled to see you. If we give him a new chew he is so ecstatic that he spends about 5 minutes tossing the chew up into the air in sheer jubilation. If we’re running down the street and he finds a stick it’s Hooray! can you please pass the joy?) .

An important thing to remember also is that although I’m going to be very busy for the next few days I’m going to be busy with very joyous celebrations. I’m not scheduling impalements in between dismemberment and the rack, I’m eating/cooking good food and celebrating my newest niece. Things could be worse, yes?

Unfortunately, this perspective is not my natural response to the situation. I was not blessed with is a permanently good attitude. Having a positive outlook and good attitude are two things I struggle with quite a bit, actually. I seem bubbly and effervescent but I naturally gravitate toward being grumpy and difficult when I’m stressed (just ask my co-workers!). With enough vodka and chocolate I can survive pretty much anything, though, and the holidays are rife with both! So that’s my job for the next month and a half: have a good attitude and try to maintain a healthy perspective. Oh, and also, try not to explode.

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