Author Torture

It turns out this whole “getting published thing” is a lot of fun. And work. But also fun. There’s really nothing quite as motivating as a scary deadline (Pwned comes out June 20!), and I’ve gotten an astonishing amount of editing and revision done in the last week.

As for my favorite thing so far? It’s a toss-up. Cover design is a lot of fun. I don’t have graphic design skills, so I’ve had the pleasure of working with several graphic design students who have blown me away so far.

Seriously, it’s incredible to watch these people work. How their brains can take a concept and turn it into a cover that makes your heart beat faster because it’s so cool looking. And what’s even cooler is they’ve all done something different with the design. I’ve told them all the same thing about the book, and they’ve all come up with different cover design ideas.

I’m going to need help picking a cover, and that’s where you folks come in. As soon as all the drafts are done, I’ll post the final versions here with a poll. Y’all can eyeball the cover designs and tell me which one you think takes the cake.

Speaking of cake…

This weekend, one of my friends is taking my official author photo for me and I’m excited, nervous, excited, terrified, and excited (making me want to eat cake, because I enjoy eating my feelings). I don’t mind having my photo taken as a rule, I’m just nervous because I don’t know how to “act.” You know, like an author.

Author photos vary so widely. Some are grave, others are happy, some are awkward, and still more are posed. I don’t know poses!

How do I look relaxed?! What if my smile looks all weird and stiff and people looking at the photo think I look crazy and then don’t buy the book?!

Speaking of that, why is it even necessary to put a photo of the author in the book in the first place? Is this some kind of bizarre torture for writers? We write. We sit behind computers and tells stories. If we wanted people looking at our faces, we’d be in a different business.

What this post basically boils down to is the following: Cover art contest coming soon, you guys are the judges. Author photo coming soon, gulp.

We should all brace ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Author Torture

  1. Ooo! So exciting!!! I say just smile and look relaxed. Maybe slightly triumphant.

    If you want to wear a teeshirt that says “I KICK ASS,” that works too. ;)

  2. -txtingmrdarcy, Ooooh, a cool t-shirt. That would be cool! Now I just have to find one…Or make one with duct tape! What could possibly go wrong?

  3. -dc, Will do! I realistically won’t have all of them until late next week. I’m hoping for five cover designs to choose from, but we’ll see!

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