Babies, Heart Attacks, and Cancer

What a weird morning. Up and down and left and right. I found out at about 8:30am that my grandfather had a mild heart attack 3 days ago (why I wasn’t notified until just now I can’t really say), at 10:00am I heard that a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer (again, why I wasn’t notified until just now I can’t really say), and then a good friend of mine called me to tell me that her beautiful baby is reluctant to make his/her big entrance into the world. Like I said, up and down!

So, with this kind of emotional turbulence, what’s a girl to do? Why, give in to the blogging phenomenon, of course! I have elected not to join the rather pretentiously-named “blogosphere” because the jury in my mind is still out on said phenomenon (in the jury in my head, there’s always a woman wearing a yellow suit. Don’t ask me why). On the one hand, it’s a nifty way to keep in touch with people. On the other, slightly more devious hand, it’s one-way intimacy and something about that doesn’t quite want to lay down and be quiet in my head.

So, I’ll give it a shot for awhile and who knows? Maybe it will turn into a fond past-time. I have quite a bit of time on my hands at work right this second (besides the 10 phone calls I have yet to make) so I guess here goes nothing…

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