Bainbridge Victory!

Let’s take a break from me complaining about my knee, hmm?

I had the pleasure of doing a book signing yesterday and it was so much fun it’s a wonder to me that more people don’t make up excuses to sign their names on stuff. A friend of mine is in good with the co-owner of the Eagle Harbor Book Company, a fantastic little book store on Bainbridge Island here in Washington.

Accessible by ferry, (side note: The nice thing about taking the ferry in WA is you never know what you’ll see next. I saw five teenagers on their way back from HempFest cradling bongs in a startling variety of colors and shapes) the island is a quaint little destination with fantastic little restaurants and shops tucked neatly away on either side of the main street. The book store was exactly the way a book store should be: Clean, well lit, organized, and colorful.

Smiling author 8-18-13

In addition to my friends and family who attended, there were three people at the signing who I’d never met before. Three strangers! For a nobody author, that’s a pretty big deal.

Reading 8-18-13

I even did my first reading! How I’ve managed to do six book signings with never a single reading is beyond me. Considering I had no voice a few days ago, I think it’s a wonder I was even able to speak at all!

It was a great day. I feel really lucky that I have so many friends and family who are willing to come to my events. I wonder how many would come to a book signing in Hawaii…

My next scheduled appearance is at a teen writers group in January, I’ll be speaking about creating realistic fiction. I’m so excited!

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