Barking Mad

I am a glutton. For sunshine. Oh, and sometimes for food too (I made the best quesadilla today. Some of the cheese fell out when I was flipping it and got all crispy so when I ate my quesadilla it had a little crunch and ohhh, it was so good).

It has been sunny all week and I am drinking it all in. I kid you not, the sun feels positively decadent on my skin. It’s around 50 degrees so by no means is it hot outside but it’s warm enough to go out in a t-shirt if you’re moving around.

I’m not sure if I love the sunshine so much because it’s pretty or because I’m from California but man if I don’t acting like a BB in a glass bottle when the sun peeks out. For me, blue skies = plans. I see sun and I start thinking of gigantic outdoor-centric to-do lists that will never happen.

Wes in particular is not much of a fan of these plans because they usually involve him doing something unpleasant (e.g. putting bark on the flower beds, washing the windows, painting our house, etc.) but I think they’re fun. One wonders how we’re still married…

Anyway, I just came home after walking the puppy and I’m positively giddy with the effort. I just walked my dog in the sunshine during the middle of the afternoon. That is the good life right there.

In addition to the sun, I have another thing that’s making me smile: I get to visit my Dad and brother next weekend. It’ll be a short visit but a good one, I think. I think we’ll all take it pretty easy but it will be fun.

The moral of today’s story: the key to a good quesadilla is to crisp up the cheese a little. Hey, the more you know, you know?

***Edited to Add*** A new Qvisory post is available here. This one’s got monkeys in it!

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