Bedraggled, Flowbee-Loving Hippie

I’d just like to take this opportunity to break away from ALL PREGNANCY ALL THE TIME around here and talk about something that does not concern my uterus.  Something like…My hair.  Yes, this is ground-breaking stuff.  Hard hitting!  Substantial and meaty!  Like a good steak!  Mmmmmm, steak…

Wes and I had the pleasure of a lot of spare time this weekend, which we put to good use by investigating.  First, we went to our local Farmer’s Market to discern whether it would be less expensive to buy our produce there or to continue patronizing Safeway’s produce section.  We strolled around and sampled nectarines (which were amazing) ice cream (which was over-priced), and fresh cheese (which was precisely as incredible as it sounds).

As it turns out, the prices for produce at the Farmer’s Market were  much better than the prices at Safeway, and the produce looked yummier.  The only problem was availability.  Not all veggies are available every week at the Market, so we’ll probably just stick to buying a few things there.  The onions sure as heck looked better, and I’m betting that farmers don’t often get confused about whether their onions are yellow or white.

After that journey, we headed to Costco.  Oodles of people keep telling us that Costco will save us so much money, so we decided to see for ourselves.  I gotta say, strolling Costco is a cheap way to get some lunch.  I scarfed so many random samples that I wasn’t even hungry for a real meal afterward.  The prices were better on some items, worse on others.  We’ll probably hold off on purchasing a membership until we have to buy diapers in bulk someday.

But neither of those has to do with my hair.  After our journey, we got haircuts.  At SuperCuts.  Now, you may remember that I used to get my hair cut by a very talented lady at a very lovely salon who served me wine while I waited and let me read as many trashy celebrity magazines as I wanted to.  It was awesome.  Wes also had his hair cut by her, though I doubt he enjoyed the magazines quite so much.

Well, as y’all know, times are a little lean over here at Casa de Mitchell.  I’m hardly in a position to justify spending $200 on my hair right now, especially considering I wear my hair in a ponytail except when I’m sleeping.  I actually hadn’t gotten my hair done since January, so by the time we stumbled into SuperCuts I looked like a bedraggled Flowbie-loving  hippie.  My hair was so long it was actually giving me headaches, so I knew it time to take care of business.

I watched as my head was not lovingly shampooed but rather unceremoniously sprayed with water from a spray bottle until I was shivering a little.  I shuddered as my layers were hacked to roughly the same length, and died a little on the inside when I left the salon with my hair still dripping wet.  Yes, it was a cheap haircut, and yes, it looks just fine all pulled up into a ponytail.  But man, is there ever a disparity between our life a year ago and our life now.

Wes and I left the salon holding hands and smiling.  Not because we loved our haircuts so very much, but because at least we still have enough money to go to SuperCuts and we’re not so vain that we can’t think the other looks broke but hot.  This recession’s done a lot of things, but it hasn’t taken away our ability to laugh where necessary, and appreciate free lunches.

4 thoughts on “Bedraggled, Flowbee-Loving Hippie

  1. -maggie may, Thank you! We’re having a lot of fun with this little person already!

  2. Haha, I love that your first comment on your non-pregnancy post is a shout out for your pregnancy! People are obsessed with babies. (oh yes, me included)… And on that note, welcome to the club where your hair will start growing at slightly astounding rates and shedding is down to a minimum.

    PS – I can’t stand Costco b/c they only carry one brand, and hell if I’m going to switch to Huggies and Colgate bc a stupid store has contracts with them. Give me choices, people!

  3. -Belly Girl, Seriously! Not that I mind, Squishy’s dominating the majority of my thoughts already so it’s not like I’m not already thinking about him/her! I’m scared to have my hair grow faster and thicker, it’s already freakishly thick and grows rapidly, Heaven help me!

    I did notice that Costco is rather limited in brand choices. I’m a Crest kid myself, switching to Colagte would likely cause irreparable psychic damage!

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