Best. Story. Ever.

I had a really stressful morning today (traffic, grumpy puppy, laundry) and was in a bit of a snit when I walked into work this morning. That is, until I saw the MSN homepage and read the story accompanying this headline: Man finds human leg in smoker (you can check out the story here:

If you don’t want to read the actual story, it basically involves a guy who bought a smoker from an auction only to take it home an find a leg inside. He contacted the previous owners and apparently the leg is from the son of the previous owner. He had his leg amputated after an accident and kept it for “religious reasons”. He is currently on his way to re-claim his leg.

I just…words fail me. Even if I were to try my hardest I would not be able to top the absurdity of this story. It brightened my whole morning. I am having the best time trying to imagine what “religious reasons” this person could have for keeping his dried-up leg. Also, if religious reasons dictated that you keep the leg, was there no more sanctimonious place than the smoker? Did he smoke the leg so that it kept better? So many questions! Maybe it’s morbid to think this is funny but it put a smile on my face this morning so I guess I should be grateful to the crazy guy and his dried-up leg.

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