Better Relaxation Through Pizza

For the past two Mondays in a row, my response to the query “How was your weekend?” has been followed by one word: relaxing. How often do you hear that reply anymore?

Wes has recently succeeded in lobbying for Sunday to be more of a day of rest than we’d traditionally spent it. Normally, Sunday is an over-flow day for all the stuff I couldn’t get done on Saturday. Wes believes (correctly, it would seem) that it would be a much better idea to cram as much work as possible into Saturday, thereby allowing ourselves one whole day to really and truly rest.

The result? We spent most of yesterday in bathrobes (we obviously did not go to church in our bathrobes. Our church has a pretty lax dress code, but as far as I know it’s not that lax), Wes ate so much pizza he could barely move, and I went into Monday with a relaxed and easy mind.


If you can manage to wrangle one day every week to set aside purely for rest and relaxation, I highly recommend you do so. It is so worth it. You don’t realize how much you need to relax until you realize that the muscles in your shoulders aren’t naturally that tight all the time.

Now for a little levity, I introduce to you:
Mashed boo-tatoes, courtesy of Martha Stewart. If those don’t make you smile, you’re either in need of less maturity or a rest-day more than you think.

Life’s too short to not appreciate boo-tatoes.

2 thoughts on “Better Relaxation Through Pizza

  1. -Del, Go forth and boo-tato, just make sure that the night you serve them you use the term “boo-tato” as often as humanly possible.

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