Beyond Cheesecake

I have money and I don’t know what to do with it. I know many of you would love to have this issue so don’t think that I’m complaining. As a matter of fact, this is a lovely sort of predicament to have. I highly recommend it should you have the chance to procure it for yourself.

Every year, my grandfather sends me money for my birthday. He’s done this every year since I was born and it adds a really cool element of self-indulgence to my birthday. I think that’s his intention, to give me the freedom to buy something fun, and if that’s the case then well done, Grandpa Bill!

The problem is, I have trouble spending money on myself. Throughout my teenage and college years I inevitably put my birthday money into my savings account. I’d always tell myself that I’d spend it later on something fun but I never did.

Theoretically, I guess you could say I spent all those years of birthday savings on my wedding, which ate up my whole savings account, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what I meant by “something fun.” Yeah, our wedding was awesome, but I won’t kid myself by pretending that I put money away with the intention of spending it on a wedding license and Wes’ wedding ring.

This year, I’ve resolved to try something different. I’m going to buy something fun and mean it. In fact, I won’t even deposit my check. I’m going to make it out to cold hard cash and then have some fun. At first, I thought about going to Bed Bath & Beyond (as in, perpetually Beyond my budget) and buying a springform pan (for making cheesecake) and a new shower curtain (because ours is stained red from my many and frequent hair color changes.)

I’m unsettled by this plan of action, however, because while cheesecake is fun, a shower curtain is not. Now we’ve arrived back at my original dilemma: I have money and I don’t know what to do with it.

I could buy some new DVD’s (Sex and the City, I’m looking at you), buy a new book (Chuck Palahniuk has a new one out called Snuff that sounds immensely entertaining and one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster, just published a new book as well), or buy some new shirts (apparently holes were only cute in the early 90’s.)

Decisions, decisions. What would you do with some spare cash?

8 thoughts on “Beyond Cheesecake

  1. Maybe you can use that money to pay for your parking ticket…Ooh, snap!

  2. Oh, what a dilemma! When I last had spare cash I woke up one morning thinking, “You know, self, I need a nice summer dress.” I ended up trying on dresses during my lunch break, since I worked near a bunch of boutiques in Pioneer Square. I asked the store to hold a few, and by the end of the workday I knew which one to go back for.

    If you have trouble buying yourself material things, try spending it on a nice evening for you and Wes, or yourself and a friend.

    I may not be the best person to consult. I’m saving up for a digital SLR camera and a set of grapefruit spoons.

  3. -Hamburglar, you are a nefarious wit, aren’t you?
    -Ash, I bet the summer dress looked ravishing on you! Now, help me out here: Are you planning on using the grapefruit spoons in conjunction with the camera?

    Just kidding, but seriously, though, watch out for grapefruit spoons. We had some when I was a kid and I’d use them to eat cereal when all the other spoons were dirty. I can’t even begin to count the number of wounds I inflicted on my mouth with them. So yes, save, but with both eyes open if you know what I mean.

  4. 1) Go skydiving
    2) Get three massages
    3) Buy a handgun
    4) Buy Guitar Hero or Rock Band for whatever game system you have
    5) Trip to NEW JERSEY!!!
    6) Take money to Indian Reservation, gamble it away or in the alternative buy illegal fireworks
    7) Use the bills to fan yourself as you walk by homeless people
    8) Half a tank of gas

  5. -Dane, Were I a tween, you’d be subjected to all sorts of abbreviations for laughing and it’d probably look something like this ROFLMFASLOLOLOLOLLFKBNKWHRJKWBUKL?WFG so it’s a good thing I’m not a tween. You have a such a delicious mean streak (fanning myself with money while walking by homeless person?! Who thinks like this?!?!) and I’m still laughing a little from reading your comment 5 minutes ago. Egads! These are good suggestions but I’m afraid the money burning a hole in my pocket is only sufficient enough for one of them (number 8.) I could buy a ticket to Oregon…we could meet you there…?

    -Matt, A very valid suggestion, I believe Napoleon and Hitler both had the same idea though sadly both declined to comment on my blog. How much do you reckon it would cost to invade Poland? If it’s more than the cost of the trip to get there it’s probably not worth it, and that’s why I’ll never be a very good dictator.

  6. Kind of odd that only two posts later and the opportunity to skydive has presented itself… and I imagine it shall not interfere with the Poland-invading war-chest. Dobry!

  7. -Dane, actually, your comment reminded me that someone asked me to go sky-diving, so I guess you were the catalyst for that. Congrats!

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