Biding My Time

Two weeks from today my left foot will be free from Boot Penitentiary and I’ll regain the ability to do cool stuff like walk quietly, sit on the couch without my foot going to sleep, and exercise!

Still, I’ve been in the boot for four weeks now and I hate it. It was all fun and games when I was all, “Ha ha, this is my first broken bone” but now I just want to be able to walk across the house without feeling like a dang pirate, y’know?

Also, I’m keeping the weight off but I’ve noticed a gradual…softening…going on. All my hard-won muscles are melting back into chub and it’s driving me bananas. I mean sure, I could keep going to the gym to exercise my arms and core, but I very much dislike weight training and it’s just too frustrating to go to the gym and only get to do the stuff I don’t really like doing.

Instead of going to the gym, I’ve been waking up early to write. It’s been nice. I hobble to the kitchen, brew some coffee, and then write my little face off until 8 AM, when it’s time for me to start my day of stay at home mothering.

There’s a plus side to everything, I suppose. Flabby arms in exchange for progress on my novel? Meh, I guess I’ll take it. I suppose my stomach muscles are going to be destroyed by Future Baby anyway so I might as well get used to it.

This is yet another reason I’m waking up early to write. Newborns don’t afford many opportunities to sit down and write, so I’ve got to do it now while the getting’s good. I think it’s absolutely realistic to write a novel and finish revising my current book sometime in the next few months, don’t you agree?

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