Big Deals Cooking

Sorry for the radio silence around here.  Wes and I have some big deals cooking and those projects required my attention during what is usually known as my blogging time around here.  Fret not, I expect to be back to my regular inanity sometime tomorrow.

For now, here are the things we know:

  1. Our wallets love Pedigree dog food (for the delightful cheapness) but Doc’s stomach certainly does not.  Our downstairs family room has become a bit of a biohazard zone as of late.  We’re considering making Doc’s colon an outdoor colon.
  2. Barring a global disaster of some kind, Wes will be going back to school on Monday.  I’ll get into the details of that decision later.
  3. Our home loan modification is almost done.  THANK GOODNESS.
  4. Eating two brownies in one evening always seems like a terrific idea until afterward when your stomach is indignant and you can’t move for fear of losing dessert and dinner.
  5. Seriously.  The dog.  Oh my goodness.

I hope you’re all having a lovely evening/morning/afternoon/day and I look forward to dishing the details on most of that stuff tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Big Deals Cooking

  1. Sounds like fun goings on at Casa de Erika & Wes…

    We’ve never fed anything but Hill’s Science Diet large breed series (puppy, adult, mature). The upfront cost is a little more, but (1) there are less fillers and more better stuff so we don’t have to feed as much, and (2) tummy upset has only occurred when non-approved substances were ingested. Justify it with cost savings of not having to rent a carpet cleaner on a regular basis. ;)

  2. -Blanche, Oh my gosh, there’s just about waaaay too much going on at casa de Mitchell! Deep breaths just aren’t cutting it, friend.

    Doc’s not soiling carpets, but his farts…HEAVENS! They’re just the worst. We had him on this great dog food for awhile, but our supplier disappeared and the food isn’t available in stores, so we had to switch him to the cheap Pedigree food. Man, what a sacrifice!

  3. If that’s the case, a deep breath may not be the best idea…

    I saw a product in the Dr’s Foster and Smith Catalog last night that’s supposed to prevent gas.

    Don’t know if it works, but our dog could use a dose or two herself on occasion.

  4. -Blanche, You made me snort hashbrowns up my nose with your deep breathing comment :) Thanks for the product recommendation, we may need it soon. We’re spending most of the night with our noses hidden behind the blanket and it’s miserable!

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