Blame It On Lady Gaga

Scene: Casa de Mitchell, Aidan’s bedtime.  Erika is sitting on the bed with Aidan, with a mirror at her back, while Wes washes out a medicine dropper in the adjoining bathroom.

Wes is running water in the sink when Erika catches a glimpse of herself sitting on the bed from behind.  She frowns.

Erika: This is just not the best angle for me.  I think I look really fat from behind at this angle, don’t you think?

Wes: Yeah, totally

Erika: *Mouth hangs open*

Wes: *Oblivious, continues to putter around the room until he notices Erika’s expression*

Wes: Wait.  I wasn’t really paying attention, I have “Stop Calling” stuck in my head.  What did I just agree to?

Erika: You just agreed that I look fat from behind.

Wes: Wait, NO!

Erika: I’m SO BLOGGING THIS.  *She flies down the stairs to her computer to start typing feverishly while Wes hang his head in chagrin and Aidan eats his feet*

End scene. And also, possibly, Wes’ clean laundry for awhile.

2 thoughts on “Blame It On Lady Gaga

  1. -Blanche, Ha! Unless I drugged and then hog-tied him, there’s absolutely no way Wes would sleep anywhere but on that bed, because that bed is SO COMFY! But yeah, he had to give me an impressive foot rub after that conversation :)

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