Blissed Out

Would you like to know how I spent my afternoon?  I spent a good portion of it lying on the couch, alternating between sleeping and resting with my eyes closed.  The rest of it was spent puttering around the house doing various and sundry projects.

Seriously though, that nap was magical.  Almost as good as the nap I took yesterday afternoon.

Why, you ask, do I have the luxury of napping my afternoons away?  Because my job is awesome.  My company gives everyone the last two weeks of the year off, and the best part is that it’s paid time off.  How could you not love a company who pays you to nap all afternoon?

I remember this time last year with fondness, though I think this break will be far better.  Last year I got stir-crazy less than a week into the vacation time and was chomping at the bit to return to work by the time January rolled around.

This year finds me blissed out on baby hormones and really savoring the ability to shut my eyes whenever and wherever my body deems it necessary.  Which is often.  And everywhere.

I do have projects planned for the time off, however, just to keep things interesting.  For example, I’m planning to start calling and scheduling interviews with pediatricians tomorrow.  I hear this is kind of important to get squared away before the baby gets here, so I might as well schedule the interviews for next week when I know I’ll have time.

I am also in the process of deep-cleaning the house to help me cope with Doc being gone.  I did this with my Dad’s house after he passed away and it drove my brother crazy, but this is how I cope.  I clean things.  I organize.  I restore order to the outside world so I can deal with the chaos of my emotions.

It’s probably strange, but it works for me.

While I putter and sleep, Wes continues to study.  He missed passing his huge exam by one measly question on Saturday, and is scheduled to re-take it tomorrow morning.  Where others might be intimidated or discouraged by not passing, Wes is determined.  I have a feeling this test will be destroyed tomorrow by the time he’s done with it.

I told Wes that the first test attempt was really just a reconnaissance mission, to scope out the enemy’s weaknesses.  Now that he knows the lay of the land, he’s going to crush that test and I, for one, can’t wait to see him do it.

3 thoughts on “Blissed Out

  1. I find cleaning very therapeutic and cathartic, so it’s not as strange as one might think! Enjoy your rest and your holiday. Good luck to Wes!

  2. First things first: Go, Wes, Go!

    Secondly, I thought it was sweet that I get the week off between Christmas and New Years. I’ve been trumped! Enjoy your time off to nap and putter. You know I’ll be doing much of the same.

  3. -nancy, Yay! Glad to know I’m not alone is busting out the vacuum when things get hairy (ha, lame joke time!) Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    -Blanche, Thanks for the encouragement! Seriously, companies who recognize that nothing worthwhile gets done during the holidays are way more fun to work for!!

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