Blogging Through the Jet Lag

Dang it…I wrote a good post about being home and jet lag and all that jazz and then blogspot went and deleted it all! I bite my thumb at you, Google!

Anyway, we’re home! Our trip was arduous and the jet lag is incredible but I think we’ll make it. I’m a bit upset that no one warned me that jet lag feels like dying, though. Yesterday, all I could do was roll around on the ground in a pitiful attempt to stay awake and then when I did go to sleep I was wide awake at 1AM. This is rough stuff, I tell you.

I’m currently working up the willpower to go make breakfast. I’ve become very spoiled (I haven’t cleaned, cooked, or made the bed in two weeks) and alas there is no buffet in my kitchen. I weep for lack of fresh-baked bread yet rejoice in our new-found ability to eat ham (more on that later).

I have so many things to blog about. Throughout our trip people kept asking me if I was going to blog about this, that, or the other so I started a list of topics that I want to blog about. I didn’t realize how much I loved blogging until I was able to sneak away and write that last post. So, that being said, expect new adventures coming soon!

For now, though, it’s finally light outside and looks like morning-time and the clock says it’s morning-time so I’m going to go make a morning-time meal even though my brain is convinced that it’s 5:30pm. Cheerio!

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