Not Quite a Bone-Head

Acquiescing to the recommendations of many, Wes and I watched the first season of Bones this weekend.  This show could have gone either way for me.  On the one hand, I love me some forensic anthropology.  On the other, I cannot stand Zooey Deschanel and her sister looks (and speaks, for that matter) a bit too much like her for me to like her out of hand.

Don’t ask me why I can’t stand one of the arguably most adorable and likeable actresses in the world.  I just don’t.  I’m sure she’s a lovely person in real life, I just can’t stand her acting.  She’s always smug and aggressively quirky and it grates on my nerves like no one’s business.

Anyway, Bones.  In my humble opinion, the show has some really interesting cases.  It’s always a bonus when your choice of mind-numbing relaxation helps you learn strange facts you can use to turn everyday conversations into awkward silences (Wanna know the correct way to slit someone’s neck? being an optimal example).

Aside from the cases, though, there was really nothing that held our interest.  There’s this strange, hammed-up battle being waged between the Feds and the scientists that you’re plunged right into and that never really rings true.  Why would you be so rude to the agency that signs your paychecks?

The characters are likewise stilted, at least at the beginning.  The main character is overtly written to be the hardcore-scientist-who-cares-for-nothing-but-data type and, even though she’s supposedly written a book with steamy love scenes in it, you honestly can’t imagine her being any more sensual than, say, a box of Macaroni & Cheese.

If we hadn’t had nothing else to watch, we probably wouldn’t have made it through the rest of the season.  I’m glad we did, though, because the end of the season was much stronger than the beginning.  We may actually watch the second season, once we’re through with NCIS.  Supposedly, NCIS is the second coming of TV shows so we’re excited to take a peek.  Of course, as with everything else, you can expect my opinion on that to come soon.

Aside from watching Bones, Wes and I had a very busy weekend.  We watched The Pursuit of Happyness on Saturday (do not even get me started on that ruinous heap of wasted time) and ate tortellinis (of Wes’ making) and creme brulee (of my own).  We spent the holiday the way we spend most of our time together: Laughing and eating.

The rest of the weekend was spent running errands, cleaning, doing yardwork, and coding this blog.  Now it’s Monday and I still feel like I could use another weekend right about now.  Either that or a martini.  Maybe a martini and a vacation.  Yes, I could definitely use a martini and a vacation right now.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite a Bone-Head

  1. I was really really excited about Bones I’m thenweeka and months leading ip to the premiere… And then really really disappointed in it. I didn’t tune in until the second season, and somewhere in the meantime it had developed into one of my favorites. Give it, and emily (katy perry’s sister) some time. Or just skip to the second season where all of your grievances will have been fixed. I don’t know where I’m the first season that takes place because I didn’t watch.

    As for NCIS, it should require no such warming up period. No more than two or three discs worth, anyway.

    Wes, nice job on the new site!

  2. WOW! iPod touch butchered my post. It SHOULD say “in the weeks and months leading up to the premiere…”

    Also, “where in the first season,” not “where I’m the first season.”

  3. -DC, Is she Katy Perry’s sister or Zooey Deschanel’s sister? Now I’m all confused. Either way, the beginning of the frist season is definitely a let-down. I think we’ll give season two a shot and then see what happens. We started NCIS tonight and the first episode is solid. Wes is definitely sold and I’m impressed enough to give it a fair shake. I’ll pass your compliments along to Wes :)

  4. -DC, I got the meaning well enough to figure out what you were saying. Obviously, your iPod touch is out to get you. You should really look into that before it tries to garrote you with the charging cord or something.

  5. Katy and Zooey are the same person. Don’t let any pictures of them together fool you. Zooey needed a more “pop” outlet for some of her music but didn’t want to give up the indie cred she had established with her other band, She and Him. Hence the invention of the her Chris Gaines-esque alter ego, Katy Perry.

    There’s a slight chance that 80 or max 90 percent of that is a lie.

  6. -DC, I think you just gave me ammo for my next post. It’ll be a fearless expose on the Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel identity flim flam. If there’s trickey afoot, I’ll find it with my mad journalistic skills. Rest assured, Dane, By the end of today (Tuesday) we’ll have our answer.

  7. Have to admit I got hooked after the show had been running, so missed the beginning growing pains. Now if I could just convince my husband to get an upgraded cable box that would record shows and keep both of our two premium movie channels….then I might actually get to watch it when I have free time.

  8. -Mrs. Higrens, Ha! Free time?! If Wes and I had cable, we might invest in one of those cable box show recorder things but I have yet to see how it’s better than watching the shows on Netflix. Sure, we’re a year behind everyone else but that’s not the worst thing in the world!

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