Happy Halloween! I truly do love this holiday. It celebrates candy and silliness, I’m not sure how much more “Erika” you can get than that. I also just love that today I got to go around to everyone and of our 70 employees only one person refused a piece of chocolatey deliciousness (he maintained that candy is “crap”. In his defense, though, he recently lost 40 lbs. and is trying to keep it off. He also eats very dull food every day and in my opinion doesn’t have nearly as much fun as he could). I have to disagree. Candy is many things but crap is not one of them.

It brings to mind a conversation I had with Wes last night. We were discussing our upcoming Mexico vacation and he was expressing that he always has some reservations about vacations because they are expensive (especially the way we take them!) and the money could always be used differently. I am of the mind, however, that moderation is the key and that it is not a crime to enjoy your life.

I love vacations. I truly enjoy going away with Wes and just enjoying the very “our own world” mentality we develop when it’s just the two of us in a foreign place. We have so much fun when we’re away together and I revisit the memories we make as often as I can. I have been told by every parent that I know that it’s important to enjoy married life as much as possible before kids arrive. I intend to! I feel like it’s vital to be responsible with our money but it’s also important to carve a place to focus on one another into our lives.

I just feel like at the end of my life I will not regret going on a vacation to Mexico with my scintillating husband. I will definitely not regret that extra chocolate I ate on Halloween. I will certainly not regret bringing a flop-eared little engine of destruction home and naming him Doc Holliday, and I will never regret the steps I took throughout my life to create beautiful memories for myself and my loved ones.

I think the only things I will regret are the opportunities that were before me that I was too hesitant to embrace, either out of fear or doubt. Why didn’t I kick off my shoes and run through that fountain with my kids? Why was I so scared to dance with my husband in that restaurant in Italy? Why did I never finish my graduate degree? Those are the thoughts that will echo unwanted in my head. The money we spent on a trip to Mexico will never resonate, however, because the memories and experiences will demand a greater presence.

I wish I had been this eloquent last night when discussing this with Wes. Instead, I think I said something more along the lines of, “Well, too bad. We’re going anyway and you’re going to enjoy yourself so THERE”. Thank goodness, though, that as Wes so often says, he hears what I mean not what I say.

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