Book Tours = Death to Crickets

One of the hardest things for new authors to do is enticing new readers. Building an audience is tough, because no one cares about no-name authors. It’s a sad truth, but hey. What better to motivate new authors toward doubt and afternoon drinking than the sound of crickets chirping when they release a new book?

One of the ways you can spread the word about your new book is by getting book review blogs to read your book and review it on their blogs. The trouble with this is, again, that no one cares about no-name authors. I’ve emailed ten different book blogs and been either rejected or ignored by all ten.

If you’re savvy, though, you’ll skip the heartbreak and pay people to know you.

How, you ask? Hire a book tour company. A book tour company has a stable of book bloggers who host their own sites. The book tour company emails them, gets them interested, and then all you have to do is send out the books.

Easy peasy. All the awesomeness of review on a book review blog, none of the rejection!

I used TLC Book Tours this last month and they didn’t disappoint. Trish was prompt and responsive, the reviews were all well-written and thoughtful (even though one of the reviewers was pretty frigging harsh in her review), and I was thrilled with the job they did.

(If you want to see what they did for me, check out the tour stops here).

If you’re an author, you really need to consider budgeting in a blog tour. It’s money well spent and a bargain way to gain exposure for your new book.

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