Bowled Over By Friday

In an effort to lessen the impact of a high-in-baked-goods-and-chocolate diet, I have been working out lately. Between the daily walks with Doc and billions of crunches and sit-ups I’m doing, I’m expecting results any day now.

The thing is, I hate exercising. I like the side effects (the endorphin rush and tummy muscles are fun) but the process itself is not really my cup of tea. The day they figure out how to make me lean and cute by doing nothing other sitting on the couch and eating, I am so there.

One thing that helps alleviate the pain of the process is watching movies whilst I toil. It distracts me enough to make the process bearable. So far, I’ve made my way through The Birdcage, Pride and Prejudice, and Moulin Rouge. I just started Kill Bill vol. 1 a few days ago and so far, so good.

I did notice something during the big finale fight scene at the House of Blue Leaves that made me laugh and I thought I’d share. I think I noticed it because I was doing push-ups at the time, and not looking at the screen, but now that you know about it you’ll notice it too.

During the showdown between Beatrix and Gogo, Gogo goes flying into a table. The sound she makes when she falls down is the sound of a bowling ball knocking over a bunch of pins. It’s silly, yet subtle, and I never noticed it before last night. Probably because I have always been too busy coveting Uma Thurman’s fierceness.

That personifies for me what I love about the Kill Bill series. It’s whimsical yet extremely visceral, and that combination appeals to me a great deal. Personally, this is the single greatest reason why Quentin Tarantino is the only person who can do a decent job directing a movie version of The Dark Tower series.

You may not know this, but I’m a fanatic about Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. It’s life-changing good. It’s everything I love about stories and embodies some of the richest story-telling I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s marvelous, and I would love nothing better than for Quentin Tarantino to tackle the project Peter Jackson-style (meaning, to do it properly he’d have to devote his life to it for a great number of years. And have lots of money.)

While I trundle off to have a good weekend, I wish the very same for you. If you’re looking for a way to get lost in a story for a good long time (and I do mean long time, the series is seven books) I can’t recommend the Dark Tower series enough.

Also, I apologize that this post doesn’t have much to do with itself. What exercising has to do with the Dark Tower series is beyond me. All I can do is pawn off the shoddy post on Friday and hope you’re too busy enjoying yourself to care! Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Bowled Over By Friday

  1. Huh. Didn’t know you were a big Dark Tower fan. Why didn’t you mention that when I was out and we were talking about books?

  2. -Dane, HA! You’re funny, because I seem to remember practically trying to force the DT books into your suitcase when you were here. I’m fine with you not reading them as long as you come to peace with the fact that you will only be capable of enjoying a grim life half-dimmed by your lack of familiarity with the Gunslinger. That’s all, as long as you’re fine with that, I’m fine too ;)

  3. -Matt, Well do I know it. Wes and I saw both movies in theaters and now own them both. Which one is your favorite?

  4. Oh, I didn’t know you had seen them both.

    I liked the “burial” scene in Vol 2… but, overall, Vol 1 is my fave.

  5. -Matt, You like the burial scene? I have to admit, that scene always makes me despair ever so slightly. It’s the closest she comes to failure and it makes me sad that she has to go through that (literally!) I agree that volume 1 is vastly different from 2. Volume 2 seems to be a little more rich in storytelling, whereas volume 1 seems more visually rich to me.

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