My Brush With the Law

I am one very fortunate little chica.

I was leaving work last night and, in order to get home, had to make a left turn across a very busy road.  The visibility on both sides was blocked on both sides by parked cars, making my left turn very hazardous indeed.

I found a window in traffic and gunned my Kia engine for all it was worth.  I made it to the other side safely, but not without (unintentionally, obviously) cutting off a police officer.

As soon as I got to the other side I knew I was busted.  I slowed down and waited for him to flip around and come chase me with his bright whirly lights.  I pulled over and turned off my engine, waiting with my hands folded like a good law-abiding citizen.

The young officer came up to me and said, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

I replied, “Yeah, that was a really stupid thing to do.”

He asked me why I did it, I explained the dangerous lack of visibility thanks to the parked cars, and he said he could see my point.  I handed over my license and registration and watched as he took my license back to his car.

I could just feel the ticket coming, like the early days of congestion that precede a really nasty head cold.

He came back to my car and surprised the stuffing out of me.  After handing me back my license he said that he was letting me off with just a warning, owing to my squeaky-clean record (Heh. After my car accident last year and now this, is it really all that squeaky-clean? Should I even be driving at this point? Discuss).

I drove home and, as I put distance between myself and encounter, wondered how I got off so easy.  I was clearly wearing my wedding ring, and I looked frumpilicious with my ponytail and sweatpants.  I’m not so pregnant you can tell when I’m sitting, and I was definitely not hitting on him.

How the heck did I get such a nice police officer?  Clearly I am the recipient of some serious good blessings.  Quick, touch my sleeve and then buy a lotto ticket to see if the blessings are catching!

6 thoughts on “My Brush With the Law

  1. -Blanche, Oh yes, that surge is one-of-a-kind. It’s the kind of adrenaline that makes you think, “I’m gonna need a drink when I get home…” I had settle for a lengthy walk around the neighborhood :) I’m so glad he was nice too!

  2. Ooh, I hate that rush of adrenaline. I’m not surprised he let you off though, I mean you were doing your best to drive safely and sometimes parked cars make it nearly impossible to see until you’re already IN traffic. I once had a police officer let me off the hook for a $340 speeding ticket where I most definitely WAS speeding. I would really like to know how I pulled THAT one off, because I didn’t flirt either and had resigned myself to handing over all my spending money that month to the City!

  3. -alittlecoffee, No kidding! Good on you for getting away from that speeding ticket! It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, what criterion police officers use when deciding who to issue tickets to? Does it matter whether they’re having a bad day? Whether the end of the month is coming up so they have to get their numbers up? Whether there’s a crazy robbery happening a block away?

    So glad you escaped unfined!!

  4. I think it’s because you didn’t give him a hard time or argue, and you clearly knew what you’d done. My dad got out of a speeding ticket once by telling the officer the truth about how fast he was driving… the officer had accused my dad of going 90 miles an hour, which was ludicrous given that he was driving a minivan with 4 old people in the back (my grandparents) and admitted that he’d been going 72 (in a 50). The cop let him off.

  5. -Nancy, That is a very plausible explanation. I do think the cop has to be in a good mood, though. I can’t imagine even the frankest of explanations would make much difference if the cop was feeling grumpy.

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