The Great Bubble Blunder

Do you remember when I wrote yesterday about my poor frozen washing machine?  Well.  Last night it had the equivalent of the 24 hour flu, what with the vomiting and mess and horror, but now it’s all back to normal and running in tip top shape.

Last night though.  *shudder*  Wes was able to get the hoses leading from the wall-mounted faucets to the washer thawed, but the washer was still unable to get the water to come through.  We concluded this was because something inside the washer was frozen.

To combat this, we decided to run a load of laundry with hot water manually poured into the washer.  This actually worked quite well, and after a rocky start the washer was soon thawing out and humming along quite well.

We congratulated each other and went inside to cook dinner.

Never in our wildest imaginings could we ever have conceived to check to see if the drain hose was likewise frozen.

Oh but it was.  I went out to check the washer and there was an error message in the little digital window and bright white cheerful suds were flowing from the bottom of the washer door onto the garage floor.  The door clicked unlocked and, because I’m curious, I opened the door.

The bloody great deluge!

The bloody great deluge!

In case you’re curious?  If your washing machine starts flashing you ominous error messages and clutching its stomach while saying it’s going to throw up?

Whatever you do, make sure it’s not opening that door.

Unless you have a large bucket handy.  Or just really want to wash your floor with laundry detergent.

Wes was, of course, watching the whole debacle.  This was unfortunate because I happened to be wearing his shoes at the time and it’s entirely possible they wound up as collateral damage thanks to my delay at dodging the great flood of cleanliness.

We wound up with a garage floor that looked like this:

On the plus side, Wes' car's tires were mountain fresh...

On the plus side, Wes' car's tires were mountain fresh...

Because my husband is awesome, he tackled the clean-up (I was excused because of my difficulty at reaching the ground) while I finished dinner.  Wes, being the intrepid troubleshooter he is, refused to give up hope on the washer and, after two more cycles with hot water, was able to defrost the drain pipe and effectively resuscitate our washer.

The question for us now is, what do we do about our garage?  In the four years we’ve owned the house, the garage has never gotten so cold that the washer’s frozen up.

All that’s changed now, so what do we do?  Do we insulate our garage?  Buy a space heater for laundry day?  Wrap our hoses with heat tape and insulation?

These are all big homeowner questions, none of which can be solved with martinis or cookies.  Unacceptable.

5 thoughts on “The Great Bubble Blunder

  1. -Blanche, Ha! Yes, that probably does seem odd, doesn’t it? We keep our sneakers outside on the garage landing and it’s easier to put Wes’ shoes on in a hurry because they’re big enough for me to slip them on :)

  2. My girlfriend’s dad uses copper (I think) piping to solve this problem. It never freezes, and won’t crack – He lives in the snow, so he must know.

  3. Our dryer just broke and now we have piles of freezing wet clothes…..arg! Now we have to go to a laundromat to wash our clothes for our vacation. At least your washer is in the garage and not the living room like ours, that would be extra messy.

  4. -Matt, I’ve heard good things about copper, thanks for the tip! Your statement that he lives in the snow is very quaint to me for some reason :)

    -Delisa, LAME!!! There’s nothing worse than piles of soaking wet clothes, what a pain! At least you’ll be on vacation soon!

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