Busy Living

I suppose I should probably post at least once during the month of September, huh?

Man, oh man, this has been a busy month. The housecleaners are gone and Aidan’s classes have started back up again which means our family is officially back in the swing of things. I’m juggling All The Things, which means I have less than no time for blogging (because if I’m blogging that means I’m not folding laundry, making meals, feeding the baby, playing with the toddler, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, or some other equally pressing thing).

This is a shame, though, because aside from all the standard-issue stay at home mother toiling some fun stuff has been happening. Like, for example, my next book idea came to me at 2 a.m. a week ago and I’ve been brainstorming it nonstop since then.

My editor also gave me the rest of the edits for Enemy Accountant, so I’ve been working on that whenever I can.

And last but not least, I’ve decided that, sleep deprivation or no, I’ve got to get back to the gym if only to maintain my sanity. I realize I might not lose any of this insidious baby weight until I wean Lily in a year, but my brain and body need exercise anyway. So that starts next month.

It’s all so busy and exciting around here, sorta kinda, and would probably make for excellent blog posts, which is ironic because the very things that would make for excellent blog posts are what keep me from blogging.

I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world that I’m so busy living my life I have little time to write about it, no?

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