Call Me Signora Cookie Monster

Alas, another short post. I just finished baking cookies and I’m going to have to finish before they cool off. The good news is that our bathroom is getting remodeled this weekend. The bad news is that we maybe without access to our shower for a couple days. The good news is that we leave for Israel next week. The bad news is that remodeling our house has become the equivalent of having a hole in the bottom of our checking account.

As you can see, the good things are holding hands with the bad things and together they’re twirling around to form the hoe down that is our life currently. As I’ve said many times, however, there’s nothing a good warm cookie won’t make seem better (at least for a little while). I’m going to go eat one. Well, if you smooshed all the cookies I plan to eat together they would be one cookie. Just one gigantic cookie.

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