Can I Expense an Amphetamine IV Drip?

Ok, here’s the deal: I’m leaving tomorrow and flying to Washington DC. I’ll be leaving at 5:30am (Ooooh, it hurts to write that) and away from a computer until Saturday. Now, if I were an awesome blogger I’d have two blog posts lined up and ready to go so that none of you would even know that I’m gone.

The thing is, I’m not an awesome blogger right now. I’m a tired, over-wrought blogger anxious about the prospect of hauling my tired self to the airport at 3:30am tomorrow morning. Seriously, that’s so early in the morning it makes me tired to even think about it.

So, this blog will be quiet for a couple days. I know I know, Boo on me and all that. I’m sorry, but I still have two blog posts to edit, dinner to cook, and a suitcase to pack. That being said, can I possibly pacify you all with the promise of pictures and stories when I get back?

My job is sending me to a conference that aims to educate young voters about the economic issues present in our country right now. Seriously, if I don’t come home with loads to talk about I’m not worth my salt as a blogger at all. I may be the only Republican attending the conference so if I don’t come home with food in my hair I probably didn’t do a very good job. Wish me luck, comrades, I’m going in.

2 thoughts on “Can I Expense an Amphetamine IV Drip?

  1. You’re looking at this the wrong way. It’s not extremely early, it’s just moderately late. It’s like taking a quick nap before going out to party.

  2. …I…Umm…Wow, I can’t believe you just justified waking up at 3AM. I mean, at least with a nap you’ve had a decent night’s sleep within 24 hours, you know? The nap is just a little boost.

    Waking up at 3AM in order to get on a plane and go to a conference is like taking a quick nap right before getting hit in the face with a hammer.

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