Cancer is Squishy and Vulnerable Like a Raw Dumpling

I always forget to add stuff until later and then you get two posts in one day like today and yesterday. Bonus!

The first thing I forgot to tell you is that there’ s a new post up on Qvisory and you can check it out here. It’s about steps you can take now to prevent the potential recession from kicking your career in the shins.

The good news is that my Dad is doing great! He had his third round of chemo yesterday and is feeling fine. The terrific news, that’s put a smile on my face all day, is that the nurse says that his kidneys are almost 100% functional again! They have to do one more test to confirm but it looks like he’ll be spending a lot less time in dialysis soon! Huzzah!

I totally called this one. My Dad is tough and he’s kicking cancer’s butt harder than a kangaroo kicking a beachball.

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