My Grown-Up Candy Store

I am absolutely exhausted right now, but too triumphant to resist a quick blog post.  I did it!  I made it to 60,000 words for my novel (though 50,000 words is the goal of NaNoWriMo, decided to shoot for 60,000 this year) and then I kept on pushing through.  I wrote 3,337 words today and my novel is now at 63,790 words.

I’m about midway through the second of two big story climaxes, and I think I should have this thing all wrapped up by 75,000 words.  What a fantastic feeling!

I’m having a blast with this story, and think I’ve really found my niche in the mystery/thriller genre.  I’ve tried my hand at a couple chick-lit books, started a memoir I have no intention of finishing, and started and fizzled on a story about a rock star, but of all these novels the one I’ve loved writing most is this one.

One reason I love it is that I get to indulge my curiosities.  For example, today I spent a fair amount of time researching bombs, firearms, and lock picking.  My browsing history looks extremely suspect, but I’m having a blast!  I’ve looked up cities in Iraq, airport layouts, and made up some completely fictitious but still vaguely plausible stuff.  I’m a kid in a candy store, though what kind of person lets a kid into a candy store that has firearms in it?!

I should stop typing now.  I’ve reached that punch-drunk stage of writing wherein everything feels awesome and connected but is in no way relevant to anything else.

More to come soon, when I’ve written a little less and am feeling a little less punchy.  Mmm, punch…

4 thoughts on “My Grown-Up Candy Store

  1. -Blanche, Ha! That’s years from now, I think. They say the average author gets published by their fifth book, and this just my second. As much as I adore it, it may be awhile before anyone sees my stuff!

  2. -dc, Thank you! It’s almost 71,000 words right now, but I have to go back to the beginning to add some stuff so I think it’ll end up close to 75,000 by the time I’m done.

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