Caught in the Act

So, some of you may know that I am a recruiter for a small software company. If not, then now you do. As a recruiter, it’s my job to find, lure, interview, and reject/approve people. Occasionally, it’s my job to do some investigating into the activities of our employees. So, I scour some resume databases looking for familiar names. I usually don’t find anyone but on the occasions that I do it’s always a little sad.

It makes me feel a little abandoned, and when I see them around work I feel a little guilty, like I’ve caught them doing something indecent. There are all sorts of reasons to leave a job, but because I’m a recruiter I don’t see any of them. Why? Because then I have to find their replacements and that adds to my already staggering workload! So, in addition to feeling sad/abandoned/guilty, I also feel a little ticked. I see them and I think ‘Don’t you know what you’re doing to me?! As though I don’t have enough impossible-to-fill position to fill!’

Take, for example, the great Indexer exodus of 2007. I started working here in June 2007. That month, we lost 4 people from a 10-person team. These people were all Indexers, which means they all held Master’s degrees in Library and Information Science (seriously, it’s a real degree). So, when I was told in my 1st month of work to find 4 Indexers I thought ‘Sure! What a great opportunity to prove myself!’.

HA!!! If I had knows what was coming I might have just started crying right then. Don’t worry, the crying came later. There is only 1 school in this state that grants M.L.I.S. degrees. One School + an archaic field of academics = less than 50 graduates per year IN THE STATE. Most of whom want to work in a library, not a software company. Adding to these limitations is that this is an entry-level position so we only want people who graduated in the last year or two.

So, long story short, I end up finding 4 Indexers and we hire them. They all quit within their first week. So, I am back to square one and am thoroughly confused as to why we are Indexer-repellant. Mind you, this is all during my first two months at my new job (hence, the crying). I didn’t really cry, I just muttered hexes under my breath as I filed those nasty quitters away in the “Ex-Employees” file drawer.

Thankfully, we now have 4 fabulous Indexers and all of them seem to be doing marvelously. Every day that passes find me more and more thankful not to see the word “Indexers” on my job board.

I, for one, am not privy to what the future holds but I pray daily for mercy on my poor recruiter’s head. I’m not sure I could handle another exodus, of any position, for at least a couple more months. I’ve heard of baptisms by fire but I feel like that was a baptism by Napalm.

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